Open Letter From Esthetics Council

Hope you’re staying safe and stress is not too out of control.

I wanted to reach out and get you a link to a great interview I had with Leslie Roste BSN. For those of you who don’t know her she is on our board and is a microbiologist as well as Director of Education for Barbecide. We have been working together for a while on board outreach and resources for estheticians. She has helped me set up a written guide for estheticians as well as this video.

We are also finishing a disinfection verification badge that estheticians can share with their clients, that should be live this weekend. It includes a test and links to resources for online learning including the Barbicide certification. Our founding and pro members can access for free, other would pay $5 for an admin fee. I will send out links and info as soon as its up.

Please share with as many people as you can.  Here is the Estheticians Guide To Covid-19  if you want to load directly into your feed. If not I will have this posted on the Esthetics Council facebook page and our news & info group. Please share as you can.

Susanne Schmaling

Video Interview Below

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