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“I feel in a time of vulnerability and self-consciousness that I can emerge with beauty and healing. When your skin is good, you are good!”

Week 1

The products are so nice! The Quiet Wash cleanser leaves a great clean sensation, not drying at all. Within the first couple days of using the products,  I received my 1st compliment in months on how nice my skin looks.

After about one week, my skin had small breakouts on the cheeks.  I think it was from another sunblock I had applied while away at the lake.  I’ll be sticking with the Hale & Hush SPF going forward.

Weeks 2 + 3

Before using Hale & Hush, I had a lot of dryness and dullness. So far, my complexion feels brighter and smoother, and when I apply makeup, I really feel great with a more balanced skin texture and dewy feel (not oily!).

The Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is so nice; it has kept my skin from getting red in sun and has a nice and smooth texture.

Soothe Essence is a great serum that I apply prior to moisturizer and sometimes will just mix together.

Vital Lipid!  I apply that at night and sometimes in the morning.  The Quiet Wash is so nice, not super foamy but when I mix it a little in my hands prior to cleansing, it did the trick.

I’ve also been applying products around my radiation area by my underarm area and it really has helped soothe.

I am excited to see how my skin transforms! I will definitely will keep up with this line.

#1 It’s gentle, but effective.

#2 It contains a very ‘clean’ ingredient line.  Espeically coming from cancer treatments (chemo, surgeries, radiation) I feel ‘safe and secure’ having these products on my skin.

#3 I feel in a time of vulnerability and self-consciousness that I can emerge with beauty and healing.   When your skin is good, you are good! It is the first thing you see in the mirror! 

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