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"Real people using and discussing your products on their social pages is the most powerful way to create brand content and drive engagement."

GCI Magazine, February 2018

[Jenni + Barry] are tapping into a new market that is growing as fast as lighting, and right on the pulse of what is trending and current!
— Diane Catorc, Hair and Makeup Artist

Barry's been in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years, with his most recent position being Vice President of a chain of medical spas. Currently, he owns Barry Eichner Digital Media & Photography.  He is a self-proclaimed product junkie and has at least 2 cleansers, 4 – 8 serums (He LOVES Serums), 3 – 4 moisturizers, 3 sunscreens and 3 – 4 eye products that he has in his regular skincare rotation.  He leads a very active lifestyle and focuses on holistic wellness to find balance to his HIIT and bodybuilding weight lifting routines.  He has a collection of aromatherapy essential oils, specialized body care products, and Epsom salts that he enjoys regularly to combat muscle fatigue.  Massage, regular skincare treatments, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustments are his go-to self-care and healing modalities.  He relaxes with herbal tea; aromatherapy candles & diffusers on his big comfortable couch in his loft in the heart of Philadelphia.  

I shared your content on our page and it went wild. People loved it! Hundreds and hundreds of likes on the post.
— Mark Lees, Mark Lees Skincare

A licensed aesthetician of over 16 years,  Jenni has always been the go-to girl for skincare advice.  Her well rounded background provides a unique perspective to the industry, and takes you from behind the treatment room door to behind the brand.  A very particular (borderline OCD) routine has allowed her to streamline her skincare collection to the products that have proven results.  Jenni gets excited about research behind each brand she works with, and can only truly stand behind a product or treatment if she has seen proven results.  As the owner of  Jenni Nagle - Aesthetic Marketing + Digital Media, she prides herself if working with amazing products, inspiring people, and remarkable places.  When she isn't busy playing with products or maintaining her manicure, she is busy chasing around her energetic 4 year old, Jack, or having cocktails with her husband on the beach.  


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