Planning Out Your Summer Travel

It’s kind of the best part of summer!  Getting to take little weekend trips in order to take advantage of the gorgeous summer weather!  You have to admit that planning for a summer vacation is so much fun!  Figuring out where to go and the fun things that you’ll do on vacation!  It doesn’t matter if it’s a whole week of vacation or just a quick weekend get away, planning your trip is so much fun!

Summer Travel Bag Essential

Everyone has a go-to summer item in their travel bag that they can’t live without!  What’s your’s?  

What is your favorite type of Summer Vaction? 

There’s so many different ways to enjoy summer!  There’s the beach, the pool, hiking in the mountains, going white water rafting, taking trips to Mexico, or just a quick day trip to a favorite family spot.  Everyone has a favorite way to spend their summer!

We hope your this summer, you plans have you singing…. “Vacation, all I ever wanted!”

If you’re old enough to get this reference, your summer travel bag should include an eye cream 😉


Jenni’s Summer Travel Bag

Jenni spent a week of vacation in Mexico with her family!  Her travel bag was full of SPF,  Lipgloss and a really big hat!  She is obsessed with ensuring that she’s got good sun protection in her summer travel bag!  If you noticed the straw hats in our previous SPF articles – those belong to Jenni!  I’m still you know how much Jenni loves her Viktoria De Ann serums – she made sure that set was in her travel bag! 

 Barry’s Summer Travel Bag

Barry loves his weekends of chill time by the pool.  But when it comes to summer travel, anywhere that explores the outdoors is top on his list!  He loves hiking in the mountains, this picture is from a weekend of white water rafting.  Barry’s summer travel bag MUST have the following: a cleanser, a peptide rich serum, a moisturizer and an SPF!  There are no exceptions!  He literally plays a scavenger hunt at trade show to get sample sizes so he can have exactly what he needs.  He never gives up his home care routine!

Summer Essentials For Summer Travel?

We reached out to our network of skincare gurus and asked them to show us what they love for their summer travel bag! They came back with a few usual suspects and we’re so pumped to add a few new brands to the L+A family this week!  

This Week’s Part Of The Pack POP! – 5 Essentials For Your Summer Travel Bag

Grande Cosmetics – Hydrating Lip Plumper Gloss

Find out why this is in Jenni’s Summer Travel Bag!  She loves the colors and how it offers a little bit of plump to make sure she’s got a great smile in every vacation picture. CLICK HERE

Rodial –Dragon’s Blood Micellar Cleansing Water Mini

With the Game Of Thrones Series Finale happening this week, we thought it appropriate to honor Rhaegal and Viserion, the dragons who have died over the past few seasons.  This is rich in hyaluronic acid & vitamin b3 to gently cleanse and soothe the skin. It’s gentle, hydrating micellar water for the eyes and face, packaged in our new on-the-go bottle. Formulated with refreshing rose water. CLICK HERE

ZAQ – Cleansing Brush

This facial cleansing brush can effectively remove cosmetic residues, cutin, dead skin cells, acne and diminish pores. New dual-core W-SONIC vertical skin sonic pulsation technology can release 8000 sound waves per minute. With 5 adjustable strengths, it is suitable for different ages and skin types. – CLICK HERE

Saian Skincare Supply – Sunscreen Mist SPF 30

Combining physical and chemical sun protection, this gentle sunscreen SPF 30 is perfect for all skin types, and especially formulated for acneic and sensitive skin. Winner of Dermascope Magazine’s Aesthetician’s Choice 2019, and Dayspa Magazine’s Professional Choice Awards 2019. – CLICK HERE

Dawn Lorraine Skincare – Dawn To Dusk Moisture Tint SPF 30


A creamy daytime spf moisturizer with superior sun protection and sheer mineral tint coverage. Contains only non-micronized non-nano Zinc Oxide. – CLICK HERE

5 Delicious Goodies For Your Summer Travel Bag

Want to keep your skin looking spectacular this summer, make sure you stay on top of your skincare routine while your traveling!  You can have clean, protected skin with the recommendations from our skincare gurus!  Just be sure to add on a little lipgloss – because we love lipgloss ;-)!  

We’d like to thank Rodial, Dawn Lorraine Skincare, Saian Skincare, Grande Cosmetics and ZAQ  for sponsoring this post.

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