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Our mission is to create a learning environment where estheticians and other industry professionals can easily access current trending education in an online platform.  Our app is designed to allow for busy lifestyles by doing the research and providing quality daily articles at your fingertips.  By bringing education straight to your phone, we provide lower costs for achieving a higher understanding and education of everything to do with skin. We have originated this first of its kind app that’s affordable, convenient and innovative in the advancement of skincare.

Mission Statement

The Esthetician's Guide to Skincare

What does The Estheticians Guide to Skincare offer?

Each article is carefully constructed and considered for efficiency, time management and educational components.  Each day of the week a different topic will be discussed.  Every day our articles will only take 5-10 minutes to read through.  No time wasted, just the facts.  


Why The Esthetician’s Guide to Skincare was created.

We believe continued education is necessary to thrive in this industry.  If we don’t educate ourselves on new developments and trends, we can no longer serve our clients in the most efficient and effective manner. Although, traveling to education classes is fun and exciting, our budgets and time constraints don’t always allow this pleasure.  Our time is very limited.  Our solution is easy.  We do the work for you by researching and finding information relative to working with your clients and positively effecting your treatments on a daily basis. This app is the most quick, easy and convenient way to get specialized and knowledgeable information on a daily basis.


What makes The Esthetician’s Guide to Skincare unique?

We will never promote or market any specific product line, equipment, or educational tract.  We don’t have sponsors or take any financial gain from any other companies.  We are solely educationally and unbiasedly based in our research and writing.


Easy and convenient

This is the easiest and most convenient way from us to bring education right to your fingertips every day of the week.  Just download the app and visit us daily for your dose of quick and informative articles.  Articles will stay on the app for up to one month, so you can catch up on the articles that you may have missed on the weekends.


Who created The Esthetician’s Guide to Skincare?

We are all licensed estheticians who believe education is the key to succeeding in our field.  We have a combined 20 years of experience in this field, not only in the treatment room but multiple years of business and training experience. We want to share our knowledge and research with other like-minded estheticians who have the same views and goals in our industry. 

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