Did You Come To Slay?

We get it!

Some days you have, like, ZERO interest in engaging in a full hair and makeup production. There’s some sort of power in just waking up, putting your hair in a pony, popping on a baseball cap and embracing the natural look!  

Then there are those days, where you wake up and you just have the urge to S L A Y.  You know what I mean. You wake up feeling good, feeling confident, like you’re ready to conquer the world!  So you grab your makeup brushes and get to WERQ!


Maybe it’s just some mascara and lipgloss?  Or maybe that new set of lashes you got means you only need a little bronzer and lipstick….  

One look in the mirror and you’re, LIKE…...

It doesn’t matter what’s in your makeup bag.  We get it: every girl (and even some boys) have different wants and needs when it comes to makeup.  Don’t worry, we’re here for you. We reached out to our beauty gurus and asked for some amazing treats to help you get whatever look you want!

5 Ways To S L A Y

Eternity Lipstick - Au Naturale
Jenni loves this color and not just because it’s named Sangria!  But more than being a “pretty” color you can feel really good about wearing this lipstick because Au Naturale is committed clean beauty, see how HERE

Self Tanner - Beauty By Earth

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Want a 30 day money back guarantee on your tan?  Want to know how this non-toxic, AMAZING smelling tanner can give you a golden glow without any gross ingredients? Click Here

Dasha Lash by Saian Natural Skincare
Want stunning sexy lashes using all-natural ingredients only? Want to know the fruit peptide in Dasha Lash that makes it STELLAR? Then Click Here

Lipstick - Jane Iredale
This is new from Jane - it’s got a “triple” impact! Want to take Jane’s Lip Look Quiz?  Click Here

Compact Bronzer - Couleur Caramel
This bronzer has one of the most respected organic certifications in the world!  Want to know what two, rich moisturizers it contains? Click Here

Want a golden glow?  Want long sexy lashes? Want totally kissable lips?  Our 5 ways for you to slay any look are great to for anyone!  Use a little or use a lot, whatever mood you’re in that day! You make the call.  

Thank you to Couleur Caramel, Jane Iredale, Au Naturale, Saian Skincare, and Beauty By Earth for sponsoring this article.