Top 5 Shaving Tools For Dudes

Every guy shaves!  Well, almost every guy shaves, there are some beard purists out there, who just let it all grow in… and guys… we love you too!

But for those guys who wake up every morning and have have to face the razor, I want to give you some advice.  See, I was never really taught how to shave. I just went at my face with cold water, a single blade Bic and some Barbasol.  It was an utter shit show!

It hurt so badly and my neck would bleed.  I hated it! I also had acne at the time, so shaving over open breakouts was a true pleasure!  It wasn’t until college, when my college bestie, Bill B and I were talking about shaving and I told him my process. He was like, “That sounds dreadful!” (Bill was kinda Boujie) Then he  gave me some very sound advice, that I’ve listened to ever since. I’m going to take it as my own and share it with you!

Barry’s Tips To Shaving

  1. Wash your face and neck with hot water to soften the beard.

  2. Get a twin blade razor.

  3. Get a really good shave cream.

  4. Shave in the shower.

I’ve followed Bill’s advice since I was 18 and shaving has been painless for me! However, over the years the products that I’ve used for pre-shave, shaving and post-shave have changed and improved as I’ve learned more about how to care for my skin.  

I want to share with you some of my go to shaving products that I swear you’ll LOVE!

Top 5 Shaving Tools

Daily Purifying Cleanser by Mark Lees Skincare

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Essential Shave Cream by GlyMed Plus

Find out what incredibly popular oil is featured in this rich and luxurious shave cream that helps your razor glide over your skin. Click Here

ManMask by PFB Vanish

PFB Vanish uses botanical and an ultra soothing ingredients to help calm and nourish the skin right after shaving. Want to find out what all natural ingredient they use?  Click Here

Recovery by NeoGenesis

NeoGenesis uses patented, cutting edge technology to insure that your skin will recover quickly from the trauma of shaving!  See how they reduce inflammation and speed the healing process. Click Here

Soothe Essence by Hale & Hush

One of the most popular lines of skincare for sensitive skin!  Find out how this fragrance free, serum will restore and hydrate your skin.  Click Here




There you have it guys!  You can shave everyday and have skin that’s in great shape!  Stop struggling and start enjoying your morning shave! The rich and nourishing products in our Top 5 Shaving Tools are sure to give you a solid win every day!  

Thank you to Hale & Hush, GlymedPlus, NeoGenesis, Mark Lees Skincare, and PFB Vanish for sponsoring this post.