Yo Snoop, Stop Eating That Serum

See, it’s got CBD Oil in it, it’s not an edible, there’s no THC in that facial serum. It’s not like the famous brownies you make!  

Correcting your Mis-Education of Marijuana

So Snoop, you go chill out while I re-educate the masses on what part of the weed plant actually produces the high that seems to cause such an unnecessary fuss with so many people.

See, you need THC to get high.  

THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s only one of the many components in the plant. However,  it’s the one that all the fuss is about. Now, if you want to get some amazing benefits for your body and spirit, you need to get to know CBD. CBD is Cannabidiol and it has immense benefits helping the body to recover from stress, balance the immune system and find homeostasis! We will have more on how CBD impacts the skin and body in upcoming articles on two industry pioneers, RX Canna Care and Cannaisseur Brands!  

Oh My Achin’ Back


Bottom line is this - CBD Oil is almost a miracle ingredient. I was first introduced to CBD oil in 2016. I picked up a massage cream containing CBD oil to use while rehabbing a pulled muscle from deadlifting.

When I tell you that no other ointment or rub EVER has given me as much relief as the one with CBD Oil, you must believe! I could not believe it. The pain simply went away. I’ve been on the CBD bandwagon ever since.

It is that experience that drove me to want to cover CBD products! Jenni and I ran through the Las Vegas Convention Center this past June with a list of CBD vendors, reaching out to all of these amazing companies and asking them for more information on their products. We were pumped that so many wanted to help sponsor this article.

5 CBD Products To Make Life Better

 CBD Essentials - Cannaisseur Brands

CBD Essentials - Cannaisseur Brands

CBD Essentials Body Cream by Cannaisseur Brands

Want to know how much CBD is in this award-winning, essential oil infused, deeply hydrating cream? Curious about how it can reduce pain associated with muscle and joint inflammation? CLICK HERE


 CBD Anti-Aging with Apple Stem Cells

CBD Anti-Aging with Apple Stem Cells

CBD Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells

Want to know how the CBD oil impacts the enzymes or plant stem cells when applied topically, then click here.

You can read our full article on RX Canna Care here.


 CBD Massage Cream - WELL

CBD Massage Cream - WELL

CBD Massage Cream by WELL

You can find out the amount of CBD Oil in this cream; the reason that WELL infuses this massage cream with a specific essential oil AND how it works so effectively on pain if you CLICK HERE



 Glow Serum - Vida Nativ

Glow Serum - Vida Nativ

Glow Serum by VidaNativ

If you’re curious as to how CBD Oil can give your skin a special glow - you can learn the specific type of CBD Oil that VidaNativ uses to ensure you get maximum hydration if you CLICK HERE



 Ageless CBD Lotion - dmSkincare

Ageless CBD Lotion - dmSkincare

Ageless CBD Lotion by dmSkincare

One of our favorite brands proves they’re the cool kid on the block by adding CBD Oil into its hugely popular skincare line. Want to find out what how this incredible product will treat the skin? CLICK HERE

Our CBD collection is great for body and skin!  I have personally tried each of these products. I was like a 7-year-old at Christmas when I got these products in the mail!  If you or have any body aches - try CBD! If you’re looking for an anti-aging solution - try a serum infused with CBD! Basically - just try CBD!  Xoxo