Skin So Fetch!

Oh, August! We love you, it’s hot everywhere! Like even the places in the U.S. that aren’t normally hot, like Vermont, yes it’s even hot in Vermont.

And don’t get me started on the humidity. Like it’s so humid in Philadelphia that every walk outside is a steam treatment for your skin!

But the worst part about August, well for teenagers anyway…. Is the Back To School ads that are everywhere. I remember as a teenager - dreading going back to school! I loved summer vacation. We had so much fun in the summer our family went camping and went on vacations to the shore!  It was amazing!

But then reality hit! The terror that I would feel when I saw K-Mart’s first Back To School commercial as I was watching General Hospital during summer break.

True confession, I was addicted to the Luke and Laura love story. I’m not sure if it was my love of soap operas or the fact that I had acne as a teen, but school was awful!

Well, school isn’t really a picnic for any teen, but it’s really no fun when your skin is acting crazy!

Let’s face it going back to school is hard!

But in my day, all we had as options was Sea Breeze and Clearasil!  It’s totally different for teens today! There are so many options to help keep teen skin looking So Fetch!  

Yes, we at Lipgloss and Aftershave are committed to making Fetch Happen!  Suck it, Regina George!

Anyway, we reached out to our skincare gurus to see what they had up their sleeves to help teens look Fetch for their Back To School look this fall! We loved that so many brands, from the most clinical to all natural product lines, had highly effective products to offer!

Five Fetch Products

 Mark Lees Skincare Acne Kit

Mark Lees Skincare Acne Kit

Acne Kit - Mark Lees Skincare

Want to know how this amazing kit full of 7 products can help teens deal with acne? Want to find out what ingredient Dr. Lees uses in his skincare kit to help kill acne? Click Here

 Tu'el Rehab

Tu'el Rehab

Rehab Acne Serum by Tuel Skincare

There are 2 different oils in this product to kill bacteria and the extracts of 2 common food items that help to unclog pores!  Want to know how this natural product can Rehab acne prone skin? Click Here

 GR8/SKN Clear

GR8/SKN Clear


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Is it a peel?  Is it a spot treatment?  Is it a toner? Is it 3 amazing treatments in one tiny little bottle?  There’s an amazing ingredient in this that product that makes it so effective, want to know more? [hint: it’s an acid]  Click Here

 Nature Pure Teen Skin Nourisher

Nature Pure Teen Skin Nourisher

Teen Skin Nourisher by Nature Pure

It’s not always about curing a breakout!  Sometimes it’s about feeding and nourishing the skin.  Want to see what organic ingredients work to calm and soothe the skin? Click Here

 Glymed Plus Skin Bliss Oil Control Masque

Glymed Plus Skin Bliss Oil Control Masque

Skin Bliss Oil Control Masque by GlyMed Plus

Help your skin find bliss with this masque - want to know which acid Christine Heathman chose for this masque because of its ability to control bacteria?  Click Here



It’s also SO vital to make sure that all teens are using sunscreen daily! As adults the sun damage that appears on our skin was caused prior to the age of 18. So sunscreen as a teen can save so much sun damage as an adult.

These 5 products are just a sampling of the amazing products that these brands offer to help teens with their home care.  Helping teenagers to understand the importance of daily home care is vital to their skin health. Back to school is a great time to being a daily home care routine that includes proper cleansing and treatment products.

Thank you to Glymed Plus, Nature Pure, GR8SKN, Tu'el, and Mark Lees for sponsoring this article.