Red Noses Aren't Even Cute On Reindeer!

Red is sexy. Red is racy! Red is adventurous! Want to be sexy and get noticed? Wear Mac’s Mac Red lipstick! Want to add a little sexy to your pedicure? Have your toes painted with OPI’s Big Apple Red. Want a pop of color on your cheeks, there’s always Urban Decay’s BANG blush.  That’s right, want to be sexy for a night out on the town? You want some red in your life.

Lady In Red

There’s the little black dress for every occasion, but when you’re looking to get noticed and make a statement - it’s the Red Dress!  Boom, you know he’ll notice if you’re in red. Let’s face it, that famous song from 1987 wasn’t about The Lady in Beige…. if you want to have men sing about you - wear red!  

Red Noses Aren’t Even Cute On Reindeer!  

When you think about it - it’s odd to have a red nose on a deer. How is that Rudolph didn’t scare the living shit out of us as kids?  Red is sexy for make-up, hair, shoes and a dress that will get you noticed. Red is not sexy if it’s in blotches on your face. It’s just not cute!  No one wants red spots or streaks on their face.

In fact, Redness on the face can be a symptom of Rosacea. describes Rosacea: “Rosacea (pronounced “roh-ZAY-sha”) is a chronic but treatable condition that primarily affects the central face, and is often characterized by flare-ups and remissions. Although rosacea may develop in many ways and at any age, patient surveys indicate that it typically begins any time after age 30 as flushing or redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead that may come and go.”

PRO TiP:  Getting rid of red lipstick or red blush is quick and easy with a little Coconut Oil from DoTerra, xo Jenni!

April is National Rosacea awareness month. We’re offering solutions to Rosacea all month long.  This week we’re offering solutions to try and manage the redness flare ups that can be associated with this chronic skin condition.  

Science Saves The Day

Getting rid of redness on the facial skin can be a little more complicated.  It takes a little creativity and a lot of science to produce products that will help to eliminate redness that is commonly associated with Rosacea.  We reached out to some of the top clinical lines on the market to ask if they had a solution to reduce redness!

4 Redness Rescuers




Green Light Setting. This setting is wonderful for individuals who suffer from redness. Green LED light therapy has been shown to reduce redness. Green is in the middle of the color spectrum and has a calming effect on the body.  Take advantage of the added ions and ultrasonic vibrations in this mode as well, and use a specialized product suggested to reduce redness.

 Relief Bio Powder- Hale + Hush

Relief Bio Powder- Hale + Hush

Relief Bio Powder - Hale + Hush

Uniquely and gently targets redness and reduces inflammation. An expert blend of eight botanical extracts makes Relief Bio-Powder a powerful dermatologist-tested sensitive skin aid.  With fast-acting abilities, it quickly rescues skin under attack from redness, irritation and itchiness. Relief Bio-Powder also helps conceal redness and, when water is added to make a paste, becomes a soothing mask.

 M.A.D Skincare's Redness Reducer California Skincare Supply

M.A.D Skincare's Redness Reducer California Skincare Supply

M.A.D Skincare’s Redness Rescue - California Skincare Supply

Ultra quick absorbing botanicals deeply penetrate the skin to maximize results and minimize discomfort and redness. This gentle soothing rescue gel has been specially formulated with potent botanicals known for calming irritated skin. A blend of skin soothing ingredients and extracts have been specially formulated to create an ultra lightweight hydrating gel designed to comfort and calm irritated and sensitive skin.

 Chrono Calm Serum- Circadia

Chrono Calm Serum- Circadia

Chrono Calm Serum - Circadia

This product is specifically designed to treat Redness, mild inflammation, visible capillaries, irritated skin. A lightweight water-based hydrating serum that soothes chronically irritated skin & improves the appearance of redness. Featuring, Telangyn, which decreases facial redness and other skin disorders that cause the release of interleukins, thus reducing redness, dilated blood vessels, tissue degradation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Also contains MAXnolia, which protects skin against chronic inflammation and reduces skin redness.

Don’t suffer with redness and inflammation one more day.  Let one of these advanced clinical products rescue you from redness.  

Thank you to Circadia, Hale + Hush, California Skincare Supply, and MYSKINBUDDY for sponsoring this post!