Guys: It’s About Time!

Ok, enough!  It’s 2018, and I’m tired of having to explain to men that they have to take care of their skin!  News Flash, it doesn’t make you gay if you take care of your skin. In fact, I have a ton of gay friends who wash their face with the same shampoo they wash their hair with. When I hear that all I can do is pull an Emily Blunt from Devil Wears Prada and hold my hand up and say, “That, I can’t even talk about!”

One of main reasons Jenni + I started Lipgloss and Aftershave was because of the barrage of questions we get from friends about how to take care of their skin.  The other reason is because I’m pushy and obnoxious when it comes to how to take care of your skin. If you’re not doing it at all or not doing it correctly, I feel the need to jump in and give advice.

I mean really, what could be sexier and more attractive than a man who takes care of his skin?  I mean think about it.

·      You know he’s got a good job – because he’s spending money on skincare.

·      You know he’s smart  - because he can understand something most people are really confused about.

·      You know he’s gonna look hot AF when he’s 50!

·      You know he’s gonna appreciate when you put effort into looking good!

And typically the guy who is taking care of his skin – is taking care of the rest of him too!  

Exhibit A:

If you want an easy place to start, live by my Number 1 Rule – ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN! Another rule for men in skincare is to exfoliate! Guys also need to keep their skin clean, especially after the gym!  We found some great products that will definitely help all the guys out there stick to these rules.

 Saian Skincare MANN Active Sunscreen SPF 30

Saian Skincare MANN Active Sunscreen SPF 30

1.  MANN Active Sunscreen SPF 30 by Saian Skincare

(Water Resistant) was designed with longevity and the utmost effectiveness in mind. Perfectly suited for men who intend to spend long active amounts of time under the sun, this water resistant sunscreen uses the synergistic UV screening properties of Titanium Dioxide and Octinoxate to help prevent sunburn. Water Resistant silicone oils help maintain a solid hydrophobic barrier for 40 minutes duration, while Aloe and a blend of nourishing oils help moisturize and invigorate the skin. Provides exceptional UV protection, moisturizes and soothes skin, is water resistant.

 Circadia White Willow Clearing Mist

Circadia White Willow Clearing Mist

2.  White Willow Clearing Mist by Circadia

This is great for after a run or the gym to cut down on oil and bacteria to prevent breakouts. A refreshing mist of white willow, juniper, red clover and meadowsweet extracts.  With Hyaluronate and sea plant extract hydrate and soften dry skin. A blend of several plant extracts traditionally has anti-acne activities.  Natural salicylic acid derivatives have anti-microbial activity and aid in penetrating pores and reducing cellular build-up.

 dm Skincare Mandelic Serum

dm Skincare Mandelic Serum

3.  Mandelic Serum By dmskincare

The perfect product for a men’s skincare routine. This serum improves multiple issues in one daily step. The exfoliation provided by the serum helps to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells, which has been shown to prevent or reduce the incidence of ingrown hairs. In addition anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties prevent acne and breakouts.


There you have it guys, 3 simple easy tips that you can use to keep your skin looking good right now and as you get older!

Thank you to Circadia, dm Skincare and Saian Skincare for sponsoring this post!