Betrayed On Her Big Day.

It’s a tale as old as time.  We meet our fair maiden on the day before THE BIG DAY!  The Big Day that’s she’s been planning for months. It’s not just a BIG day, it’s actually a HUGE Day!  It’s a day she’s been dreaming about her whole life.

This day is so important to her.  She’s been meticulously planned everything.  No detail has been overlooked. The stage is set, outfits are selected, shoes are picked, plans for make-up and hair are made.  Maybe she’s even planned a few pre-event facials to make sure her skin is flawless.

She’s ready to make an amazing impression and look perfect for this huge day!  No detail has been overlooked, no aspect of this day too minor to overlook. It’s ready, it’s go time people!  

Everything is going to be perfect for her:




She wakes up with a huge Zit just 24 Hours Before the:


It never fails!  Your skin care be smooth as silk, clear as a spring day, flawless as perfect diamond for weeks.  Then the day before your #WeddingPromGraduationFirstDateSweetSixteenNewJobCollegeOrientationSororityMixer you wake up with a huge Zit!

Tips To Help Treat Soul Crushing Zits Before A Big Day

  1. Breathe
    This is definitely an evil and cruel trick that the universe is playing on you. Yes, the universe hates you and this is payback for some horrible thing you did in a past life.  But we’re here now - so just breathe, you’ll get through this!

  2. Don’t F*&#ING Touch That Zit
    Your initial reaction is to treat that zit like the life ruining invader that it is and remove it using your entire life force energy.  Let’s just agree that will make matters so much worse!

  3. Love Your Zit
    That’s right!  I said love your Zit!  You’re going to lie to yourself and this damn zit, so you can get on it’s good side and encourage it to relocate with no collateral damage!  Give it a warm bath with a good cleanser! Give it a warm towel to get nice and comfortable. Encourage your zit relax and really open up and get ready to soak in all of the most delicious cocktail that you’re about to give it.  

  4. Buy That Zit A Drink
    A drink of the strongest Zit Zapping solution money can buy!  The good news is you’ve got the zit the day before your #WeddingPromGraduationFirstDateSweetSixteenNewJobCollegeOrientationSororityMixer  so you have time to go at it with some strategy.  

  5. Stay Calm
    Don’t stress one more second!  You got this. Let your Zit Zapper do all the work to kill that evil invader, you just focus on being the #BOSSBABE that you are!  

4 Zit Zappers To Kill That Zit

 Spot Stop by Circadia

Spot Stop by Circadia

1. Spot Stop by Circadia

A spot treatment to target acute breakouts. Spot Stop is designed to soothe, cool and reduce the signs inflammation. Plant extracts exercise antimicrobial activity while glucans, camphor, and menthol offer immediate relief. A blend of terpinen-4-ol and willow extract enriched with salicylic derivatives providing antimicrobial activity.



 Intensive Resurfacing Treatment by Esther & Mila

Intensive Resurfacing Treatment by Esther & Mila

2.  Intensive Resurfacing Treatment by Esther & Mila

Powerful yet gentle plant based beta-carotene from organic Chilean Rose Hip oil, in addition to the compound Santalol naturally present in our Sandalwood oil, resurfaces skin into perfection by gently encouraging cell turnover and healing acne. Brightens skin with zero sensitivity.





 Dermashake by Mark Lees Skincare

Dermashake by Mark Lees Skincare

3.  Dermashake by Mark Lees

Very popular with teens, or anyone with an occasional blemish, Mark Lees’ Concept:Clean Dermashake is a special drying lotion for blemishes, helping to dry them and speed up their disappearance. Dermashake should be applied nightly directly to blemishes. For more information for professionals, call 1-800- 447-5770.  



 Acne Spot Treatment by Saian Skincare

Acne Spot Treatment by Saian Skincare

4.  Spot Treatment by Saian Natural Skincare


All-natural spot treatment treats break-outs overnight. Kills germs and bacteria, disinfects and dries blemishes to treat even the most severe and cystic acne without leaving red spots and discoloration. No added color, fragrance, glycerin, fillers or preservatives – all natural, and 100% pure.

You should have one of the above 4 products in your bathroom at all times!  Never be unprotected from the horrible zit that is just waiting to ruin your


Thank you to MarkLees Skincare, Saian Skincare, Esther & Mila, and Circadia for sponsoring this post!