Plump It Up

Group Shot - Peptides

Something evil happens to the skin after the age of 35.

It’s like it just gives up.  

Throws in the towel, and says, “Girl BYE!”  

It’s totally rude!

We all have that one friend who has given up.  Rather than eating healthy and hitting the gym, they put on a pair of sweats, grab their takeout, hop on the sofa and crack open a box of wine.

This is pretty much what your skin does after age 35.  

Do you remember the first time you saw crow’s feet in the mirror?  It’s a haunting memory!  

The production of many of the “substances” that the skin needs in order to function at optimal levels  either slows down or just stops.  Without substances such as hyaluronic acid, stem cells, and collagen the skin loses volume and begins to sag.  Fine lines and wrinkles also become more visible.

3 Substances Our Skin Loses With Age:

Hyaluronic Acid

Stem Cells


But...Amino Acids + Peptides = Younger Looking Skin.

Ok, this is going to get a little scientific - but pay attention - your crow’s feet will thank you!  

One of the best lines of defense against aging is the use of amino acids.  These compounds aid in the transportation and storage of nutrients for the body.  There are even ways to target specific anti aging goals in skincare using combinations of amino acids called peptides.  Sarah Robbins, Master Esthetician with GlyMed states, "Peptides are a chain of AMINO ACIDS! A peptide is created when 2 or more amino acids come together and each strand has a purpose and function. The main type of Peptides are: Signal peptides, Neurotransmitters and Carriers."  

Want To Stay Younger Looking?

If you’re really interested in fighting aging and want to look younger, there’s nothing wrong with that!  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!  We look better, we feel better!  It’s a rule. We’ve found 5 peptide rich products that your skin will LOVE!!!  

5 Products To PLUMP IT UP!  

 Herbal Skin Solutions EGF Cellular Activator

Herbal Skin Solutions EGF Cellular Activator

EGF Cellular Activator by Herbal Skin Solutions

Utilizes four potent peptides and proprietary blend of organic proteins to activate cellular turnover. Bio-mimicking   epidermal growth factors stimulates collagen production, speed healing, and repair. EGF Cellular Activator promotes the cell renewal process after any form of wound or injury, including cosmetic or medical micro-needling. Also beneficial after a cosmetic exfoliation such as Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning.




 Active Renewal Serum by SAIAN Skincare

Active Renewal Serum by SAIAN Skincare

Active Renewal Serum by Saian Natural Skincare

Contains Hyaluronic Acid,  Seaweed Extract, and six of the most potent peptides currently available to address the effects of aging on the skin. 10% Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) improves wrinkle depth, wrinkle volume and roughness. Matrixyl-3000 minimizes crow’s feet and laugh lines, and prevents from further damage and wrinkle formation.  Tests show wrinkles in the line prone areas will be reduced by up to 50% if used 2x daily for  28 days.



 Neat Skincare Luminous Peptide Elixir

Neat Skincare Luminous Peptide Elixir

Luminous Peptide Elixir by NEAT Skincare

(Lifts + Revives)
An elixir for all skin types.  This special powerful nutrient-packed formula aids in the reduction of wrinkles and has powerful lifting effects for all skin types.  Red Marine Algae increases skin hydration significantly with the enzymes and minerals naturally occurring in this algae extract which is indigenous to the Hawaiian islands. Licorice Extract contains beneficial plant sterols which promote skin elasticity and fight inflammation and wrinkle formation.



  U Turn  by Tuel Skincare

U Turn by Tuel Skincare

U Turn Peptide Serum by Tuél Skincare

Turn the age train around! Youthful skin doesn’t have to be a thing of the past with this peptide-packed, age-fighting serum. Infused with a combo of firming peptides, age-delaying vitamin C, and nourishing flax extract, U Turn Peptide Serum helps soften the appearance of lines while activating cell turnover for a firmer, smoother look.





 Biodroga MD  Instant Lift Serum

Biodroga MD Instant Lift Serum

Instant Lift Serum by Biodroga MD

High-performance serum with instant effect based on the peptide library STPL2, consisting of 1600 peptides, extracted from herbal amino acids to ideally stimulate decreasing skin functions. Combined with Palmitoyl Tripeptide supports the skin cell communication and stimulates skin's natural collagen synthesis. Effectively decreases the appearance of wrinkle depth. Free of Parabens, Silicones, Mineral Oil. Vegan. Dermatologically tested.

Want to fight back?  Add a peptide rich serum into your daily skincare routine. These products are designed to help skin function at optimal levels.  You’re skin and crow’s feet will thank you!  

Thank you to Biodroga MD, Neat Skincare, Tuél Skincare, Saian Skincare, and Herbal Skin Solutions for sponsoring this post!