Healing This Old Man's Pain

It takes a lot of shit to keep this body together!  Trust me when I tell you that I put my 47-year-old body through a lot! I work out hard and often. I am working with a competitive body building coach who designs workouts for me and they are no joke. 

I remind people all the time that my younger brother is a grandfather. 
Barry Working Out

I’ll brag a little about my hard work……

·      My squat is up to 225lb

·      My deadlift is hovering at 300lb

·      My bench hit 200lb last week. 

These numbers aren’t – really impressive – if you look at what competitive lifters are pushing – but I’m old and just started a few years ago, so I’m kinda killin’ it over here.  ;-)

There are a few areas of my body that are targets for pain on the regular.  My piriformis (it’s a muscle in your butt) is on ongoing issue.  When it flares up from heavy deadlifts and heavy glute work - my lower back gets tweaked and sore!  The next area is my left shoulder and left arm.  I had a serious accident in 2003, which shattered my humorous, requiring surgery; to this day the shoulder and arm are a mess. 

All of these chronic issues combined with being nearly 50  – I end up with some serious soreness.  I have a sure fire collection of products that save my life on the regular! 

Barry’s 5 Life Savers To Alleviate Soreness

 doTerra Essential Oils

doTerra Essential Oils

1. DoTerra Essential Oil Baths & Epsom Salts

I mean who doesn’t love a hot bath?  Any time I go really heavy at the gym, I can feel the numbing throb that every bodybuilder relates to.  I head home pour some Epson Salts into a tub of hot water and add some Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender.  They soothe, relax and reduce inflammation.  It’s kind of magical how they work.  I swear, it just feels so much better! 

2.  Deep Blue Rub by DoTerra

I can’t emphasize enough – how much I love this product.  This is not your Mom’s Ben Gay rub!  This is Ben-Gay on a double cycle of steroids and growth hormone at the same time.  Instant relief for sore muscles.  I LOVE THIS RUB!

3.  the BFF

OMG!  If you don’t have a buffer to use on your sore muscles it’s sad and I feel so badly for you!  If I’ve got those 2nd day burning soreness from the gym, this body buffer feels so so so so so good – you will not believe it!  It gets the blood flowing to move all that lactic acid away that’s causing pain. 

4.  The AcuXP-D from Hi Dow

Ok, I’ll admit, I’ve seen these at trade shows for years.  Then this year, I saw it while in Florida at a trade show and asked my boyfriend, who was a competitive track and field athlete and a trainer, if a Tens machine really helps.  He raved about it and said to get it.  I’m here to tell you  - these machines are amazing.  It’s like a massage on a sore muscle that you can control.  It’s so amazing! 

The Pain Belt LightStim

5.  The Pain Belt From LightStim

LED Light therapy is not a hoax.  It’s not a fad.  It’s not hocus-pocus!  It’s real! It’s effective! The device emits light energy that reduces inflammation and increases circulation.  I use the pain belt on my shoulder and lower back on the regular and it always brings relief! 

BONUS TIP:  Whenever there is extensive pain that needs attention that the above 5 products won’t help.  I run to my boy Vito for Acupuncture.  This dude can take any pain away!  The dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding always told people to use Windex to fix a problem.  I tell everyone who is complaining about pain – “Go To Vito!”  If you’re lucky enough to live in Philadelphia, PA – he’s at Acupuncture Off Broad!

So there you have it!  When it comes to the aches and pains of an old man lifting – that’s how I deal with my pain.  I should also mention that I have 2 yoga certifications, so I am forever stretching in order to help alleviate the pain.  I hope these help you find some comfort. 

I’d love to hear from you all about how you manage your workout pains.