Circadia + Hydrafacial Change The Game

That’s right!  Circadia and Hydrafacial have changed the skincare game!  

blog - circadia and hydrafacial

Their partnership bridges the world of cosmeceuticals + equipment!  For decades, many skincare brands have offered protocols with a suggested step by step outline of how to use their treatment products with equipment.  But this is the first time that a skincare brand such as Circadia is partnering with an equipment manufacturer to combining brands to create proprietary products that tie directly into the functionality of the machine.  

This partnership will allow the 2 power house brands to cross promote and leverage each other’s brand reach to create one of the strongest brand advancement partnership campaigns our that our industry has seen.  

blog - circadia and hydrafacial

Circadia is creating 2 proprietary boosters that will be used in Hydrafacial treatments as well as offer 4 products for home care.  Of the 4 home care products, Pugliese indicated that 2 have been specially designed by Circadia exclusively for the Hydrafacial Partnership.  

For more information on the Circadia + Hydrafacial partnership, you can contact Circadia!  


Michael Pugliese explains the new partnership to Barry LIVE at Face & Body in San Jose!