The Chillest Trade Show Ever

What are the chances that there are two conferences that you want to attend - wait for it - on the same dates, in the same city IN THE SAME CONVENTION CENTER?


That’s crazy.  Or is it? Maybe it’s exactly as it’s supposed to be!

I planned to attend the Face & Body Spa Conference & Expo in San Jose all set, all travel booked!  Done, August 24th - August 28th. But then fate stepped in and gave me something else to do! I found out the World CBD Expo was happening - same place - same time!  BONUS: I knew one of the vendors - the one and only RX Canna Care.  

I was most excited about being able to meet and chat with the Twompson, the owner of RX Canna Care and Interview him.  He’s a wealth of knowledge on CBD and how it works!

Want a 6 minute tutorial on how CBD impacts the skin and how it supercharges the function of the actives in many skincare products?  Check out my YouTube interview with Twompson.

The World CBD Expo had about 50 vendors who were showcasing all sorts of CBD products. Edibles, supplements, vape, body care, skincare, dog treats, and even honey! We met some amazing companies who are all doing good work to advance the CBD cause and help to educate and inform on the countless positive benefits of CBD.

One of the brightest booths was the CBD’RUS booth with all of their delicious candy!  I ran into Rikkie Urbano, Brazilian Waxer Extraordinaire from Fresno at the show and she was loving the yummy candy from CBD’RUS.

Check out the photos of the amazing products!  We’ll be bringing you more information on many of these companies over the next few months: 

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