I’m here, I get Botox...get used to it!

Some roll their eyes at the thought of it.  Botox?  Oh no, they would never ever do such a thing. It’s not the way you’re supposed to take care of your skin.  They judge it as too extreme.  It’s not natural.  They’ll say, “I don’t agree with it, but if you want to do, it’s your life.” 

You know what, I don’t care! 

Why not take advantage of something that can make me look better? 

I was watching a video of me interviewing someone at an event and cringed at the furrows in my forehead.  Those bitches were so deep that it would take a 2-day hike to climb out of one of them.  NOPE, I was over that.  I know Botox can fix that. 

 The moment I realized it was time...

The moment I realized it was time...

I have a friend who gets Botox on the down low.  Like, he and I discuss it, but he’s not “out” about it.  A few of his friends know, but he’s not out at work or to guys at the gym.  He says, “It’s really nobody’s business how I take care of my skin.” 

It’s sad; I hope that one day, people will be able to be openly Botoxed with no worry of shame or judgment.  #ItGetsBetter

That’s why I’m writing this piece to help open up people’s minds and maybe even change a few lives.  I’m out and proud.  I’m here, I get Botox, get used to it! 


We’ll call him “David”, because I don’t want to publicly out him.  He’s got this badass reputation for being 37, but looking basically 29. 

 Anyway, “David”, has a doc who comes to his house with unmarked bags, to give him Botox.  I was real cool, and reassured him that, I’d keep his secret, and then begged him to let me in on his secret Botox house party.  He assured me that if I was cool, and kept it really discreet and low profile, I could come get some. 

“David” and I met with the doc on a sunny, beautiful August morning.  The doc was awesome.  I told her this wasn’t my first time- I’d done it many times before.  I wasn’t afraid and just wanted to get right into it.  She asked where I wanted it, I pointed to my forehead, and I was relieved that she didn’t cringe in disgust as I had when I saw the video.  I did see her give my crow’s feet a slight side-eye.  But I stopped her.  “No Doc, you can’t touch them!  You see these big-ass cheeks?  I’m an “over-expressive” (that’s a thing) and these big cheeks push upwards and accentuate my crow’s feet.”  I further explained, “See Doc, that’s why I wear glasses, to hide them.  Just give me 40 units in the forehead.” 

She gasped!  “40 units? That’s too much!” (That is the sign of a great doctor and a lousy businessperson. )  She continued, “No, I’ll start you with 35 units and we’ll see how that works.”  Brie Vandecamp would never allow her doctor to under inject her – but I let the doc do what she wanted. 


About 10 totally painless injections later and I was on my way.  Seriously, if you’ve had a deep acid peel or a strong microdermabrasion treatment, they are far more painful. 

It took about 10 days before my forehead was totally relaxed.  But now, I can be engaged in deep conversation and be told some shocking news and keep a poker face without even having to try!  When I’m excited, those around me need to glean my emotions from my tone of voice, because they would never sense surprise or excitement from my total smooth, flawless forehead.  #BotoxRules #WinningAtLife

 Watch the full experience...

Watch the full experience...