Raise Your Vibration in 2018

2017 has come to an end.  If you’re like me, endings always make you sad, usually because I feel a sense of loss.  I've always tried to hold on to what was.  I’ve always hated the endings…the end of summer, the end of a favorite TV series or the end of an amazing movie.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to look at endings as an opportunity for new beginnings.  Please don’t gag!  I know, all that feel good, let’s hold hands & sing Kumbya mumbo jumbo! 

Finding a path to wellness should be fun, not hokey!  Like, you don’t need to change your name to Rein and wear hemp clothing – not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

So here’s to new beginnings in 2018!  New goals, new opportunities, and new ideas

In order to be the best version of oneself, it’s so important to keep fit. 

In our society, it's rare that people focus on wellness, mostly because everyone thinks it’s all about hocus pocus.  Many just focus on physical fitness and call it a day.

However, we are more than just physical beings.  I’d like to challenge everyone to raise their mental, spiritual and physical vibration in 2018 and find a path to wellness.  I’ll even let you keep your favorite, pretty lipgloss ;-)! 

5 Tools For Wellness

1.   Essential Oils

I can’t say enough good things about essential oils.  I use them in my bath about 3 – 4 times per week.  I have a few go-to oils that I keep on hand and add Lavender and Eucalyptus  for relaxation and recovery after workouts.  I also get regular massages and ask them to use an essential oil based massage oil, I truly love  Soothe & Restore from dmSkincare

2. Himalayan Rock Salt Ion Lamp

I keep a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp from DMK in my sleeping/meditation area of my loft.  These lamps offer so many benefits.  They are said to improve mood, help with sleeping, and combat seasonal affective disorder by adding negative ions into the air.  "Allegedly", they combat the positive ions that come at us like machine gun fire from all of our technology devices.


3.  Physical Fitness + Nutrition

I workout a lot!  I’ve always been very active. Ever since college, I’ve enjoyed biking, running, lifting, doing cross fit, or some sort of group fitness.  But it wasn’t until I met Peter from Fit Body Physiques that I found the perfect combination of nutrition and personal training. Peter helped me find a way to eat where I dropped 25 pounds of fat and started to build muscle.  He also designs my lifting workouts. Craziest thing – we’ve never met.  We do it all through email and videos. 

4.  Meditation

I had my mind blown by a Facebook video on December 19th of this year!  It was posted by Kyle Cease about how meditation can change your life. It started off talking about how other people’s opinions of you aren’t real. I went to Kyle’s website and looked around and found his 100 Day Self Connection Experiment.  The way he talked about how meditation impacted him, was so solid and real.  There was no mumbo jumbo bullshit!  He offered practical features and benefits.  I started meditation daily and it has changed my outlook in ways I didn’t think were possible. 

5.  Acupuncture

I lift 4 times per week and usually run into some snags along the way. No matter what the issue, whenever, I have a pull, or a tweak or a pain, my "go-to" form of self-care is acupuncture.  I go to Vito at Acupuncture Off Broad!  Obviously, if you’re not in Philadelphia, you can’t go to Vito, but you can find an office near you.  I also use ice packs and a tens machine to manage pain when I have an injury. 

Committing to a solid wellness plan took a while.  I always felt selfish.  But as I started to add aspects to my wellness plan I realized that I was a little happier each day.  I found myself making better decisions and being more balanced.  Raise your vibration in 2018: find a wellness path that will help you find balance and serenity.