Why you can't get away with not washing your face at night anymore.

Late nights.

Pretty unhealthy diets.

Possibly too many sugary spiked beverages on a regular occurrence.

If this sounds like a pretty routine lifestyle from the last decade of your life, you've probably started to notice something:

You're not 20 anymore.

College Nights

It's amazing what you think you can get away with in your 20's and honestly believe that there will be no after effects.  You probably didn't wear SPF on your face every day, you most likely didn't wash your makeup off your face every night, and I can almost guarantee you didn't wear an antioxidant every morning.

 I totally spy a Biggie drink....and I am sure there was a large pizza on the floor of this dorm room...

I totally spy a Biggie drink....and I am sure there was a large pizza on the floor of this dorm room...

But thats all gotta change, girl, if you think you are going to age gracefully and look halfway decent as you coast into the upper decades of your life.

Here are the top four non-negotiables you need to incorporate into your skincare routine from here on out.

1. Wash your face every. single. night.

Every day, we are exposed to external elements that prematurely age us: pollution, UV rays, smoke, car exhaust, etc.  These elements create free-radicals (the enemy of wrinkle-free skin) which accelerate the aging process.  If you are choosing not to wash your face at night, you are leaving a layer of funk on your face that will just push its way into your pores.  

I've been loving Radiance Skin Cleanser from neat skincare co. with activated charcoal, green tea, and coconut.  It leaves my skin feeing super clean and smells like a dream.

If you are a total over achiever, you'd use your MYSKINBUDDY too in order to really ensure all the gunk is out.  Learn more about that here.

2.  Protect your face every. single. morning.

You know those free-radicals I just mentioned? There is a way to prevent those from causing nearly as much damage (even before you wash your face at night).  Anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants work to neutralize the free-radicals before they can leech on to all of the good things in your skin and destroy them.  I've always stuck with Vitamin C in a liquid, topical form because it has so many added benefits, including brightening and evening out your skin tone. (In fact, I love it so much I wrote an entire article on it.)

You would use an anti-oxidant after you cleanse your face in the morning, before putting on your next layer of protection 👇🏼.    

3.  Wear your SPF.

Do I even need to elaborate here?  Just put it on every day.  Here are some recommendations if you need them.

4.  Exfoliate.

Listen, another glorious part of aging is that our cell turnover slows down, which means we are stuck with dull, dead skin on our faces for a longer period of time. If we choose not to assist in getting this off, we look less than fabulous on a daily basis.

Whether you scrub it off a few times a week or dissolve it off nightly is up to you.  I like to use a combination of the two, because a manual scrub most often can only buff the surface.  The exfoliants designed to penetrate below the surface and really break up the bonds between skin cells are also the products that are going to work a little harder for you over time, and we could all use a little extra help in our lives, right?

Here are my favorite exfoliants, both scrub style and leave-on.


So there you have it. You actually care about more than your brunch plans now days, right?  (Although those are still HIGH priority).  The earlier you start, the better off you'll be...I promise it's not too late.