A Complete Cleanse...From The Inside Out

This year, instead of feeling like I had to detox after gorging on way too many hors d'oeuvres and Bourbon Spiced Cranberries, I decided to pre-cleanse.  Yup; I wanted to walk into the holiday season ready to go, and have a little less guilt about what I was going to consume.  So I spent the month of November detoxing.  Here is what it included.

My Face.

Prana SpaCeuticals Activated Charcoal Mask

 Prana SpaCeuticals Activated Charcoal

Prana SpaCeuticals Activated Charcoal

A few weeks back, Barry started using this detox mask and couldn't stop talking about how clean his skin was feeling.  What a better way to rid my t-zone of the constant collection of blackheads that curse my oily skin?  

This quick-drying mask contains Bamboo charcoal ash that acts as a magnet to draw out the impurities from skin, leaving your face super clean.  BONUS: it is not a nightmare to remove like so many clay masks.  

I used this once a week for a few weeks and definitely noticed a difference in my t-zone. 

My Eyes.

ToGoSpa Bamboo Charcoal Eyes

 ToGoSpa - "The Garbage Collector"

ToGoSpa - "The Garbage Collector"

There might be a few nights that we've all had one-too-many glasses of wine (or shots of tequila...don't judge), and wake up looking less than glamorous.  You know you are dehydrated and exhausted, and your eyes are giving it all away.  The puffy bags, the redness, and the dark circles.  Well, we now have a way to hide the evidence: ToGoSpa Bamboo Charcoal Eyes (aka: The Garbage Collector).  

Toss these guys on your face while you attempt to get yourself together, and viola!  In about 15 minutes, the puffiness has decreased, the bags are less visible, and you look a little more awake.  They wont get rid of the pounding headache, but they'll totally detox around your eyes.

My Gut.

A few years ago, I had a girlfriend of mine mention something about how her Mother In Law did colonics...I tried to understand exactly why one would subject themselves to such an activity, but definitely found it interesting.  I mean, if I find pimple extracting rewarding, that sounded just as gratifying. 

Fast-forward about 7 years, and the concept was reintroduced to me. I thought, why not?  I'm up for anything.  

Boy was I in for it.

Internal Harmony Colon Hydrotherapy

So what exactly is a colonic?  Well, according to Internal Harmony in Linwood, NJ, it is "a practice that uses purified water to cleanse the colon of toxins, gas and accumulated fecal matter."  Ummmm...gross.  But who wouldn't want to get rid of that?

 Nancy explaining how this machine works

Nancy explaining how this machine works

Upon arrival at the gorgeous location, I was given a very thorough explanation of exactly how the process works.  A tank of approximately 8 gallons of water is connected to a hose which will invariably allow a steady stream of water to go up there and ultimately force out anything in the colon.  This "matter" then goes directly into a pipe and is flushed out.  This all takes place in a private room, with you and the Angel of Water machine.  No mess, no nurse, no therapist. 

Nancy was the incredible employee that provided me with instructions, tips, and the emergency off switch.  If it weren't for her comforting and confident demeanor, I am pretty sure I would have walked out at this point.  But I stayed, and am glad I did.  

The process itself was easy; you really just sit there.  It was mildly uncomfortable with slight cramping in my stomach (which I was told would get better with each session).  You also get to watch the water level go down, so you know when you are nearing the finish line.

Lets just say it was disgusting / rewarding / horrifying what I witnessed come through the CLEAR pipe.  (Yes, it is clear, with an angled mirror to ensure you don't miss a thing). 

The whole process took about an hour from start to finish.  Without the expert guidance from the staff, I am not sure I would have gone through with the process, but they truly did an amazing job at walking me through it. 

When I left the spa, I can just say I felt lighter...a lot lighter.  

Internal Harmony recommends 3 sessions on a regular basis to get the most benefit and a true detox, and has a 40% VIP discount for the Lipgloss + Aftershave audience.  They also have an Infared Sauna (which has a TON of anti-aging and health benefits), Massage Therapy, and a list of other services.  You could spend a day here and leave feeling like a new person...seriously.  

Shoot us a message if you are ready to sign up!

A huge thank you to Internal Harmony for partnering with us on this post.