My Skin + Jet Lag + The Desert = Shit Show! Motel Mini Rescue Facial

5 Days in the Desert sun and heat. It was a refreshing 112 degrees in Las Vegas when we landed.  It was a dry heat – you know – like your oven!  If you’ve never experienced it – when you walk out of the airport into the heat – it LITERALLY hits you and kind of impacts your body!  “Toto, we’re in Kansas anymore!”

My skin went crazy.  The first thing is the moisture was instantly sucked out of my skin, lips and cuticles. Everything began to dry out instantly.  This means that cellular function began to slow down and cells began to die off at a faster pace because they’re dehydrated!  

Here’s what an average day in Las Vegas was like for me.  The day consisted of walking through the 112 degree heat and then into a smoke filled, air conditioned casino and then spending the day in an air conditioned convention center.  I was jet lagged and got only 4 hours of sleep a night and drinking extra coffee to stay away.  So not only was my skin dehydrated from the heat, it’s doubly dehydrated from the coffee.  Now add in the stress from no sleep and all the pollution from the smoke – it was a perfect storm for bad skin!  

Here’s my 6 Step - Motel Mini Rescue Facial that truly helped!

Clear Scrub

1.  Got Blasted – Sand Blasted

Scrubbed off the sweat and grime with the refreshing, creamy, gentle exfoliating properties of Clear Scrub from ATZEN Superior To Organic® Skincare.  This product has the consistency of a soufflé and is minty and refreshing.  Super fine exfoliant to gently sweep away debris and pollution on the skin.  

2. Whipped Up A Mask

New Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Mask by Circadia was a lifesaver!  This fluffy, authentically marshmallow smelling, rich and creamy mask infused tons of moisture and left my skin feeling amazing!  This mask is for Professional Use Only – Find an esthetician in your area!  


3.  Pumped Up The Peptides

Added the Just Relax Wrinkle Minimizing Serum by M.A.D Skincare because, well, there were lots of wrinkles!


4.  Flood It With Water

Added a layer of SAIAN Skincare's Pure Hyaluronic Acid – this stuff holds 1000x it’s weight in water. My skin sucked this product in like it never had before!  My skin appreciated the drink!

5. Double Duty Drink

Daytime Defense Moisture by M.A.D Skincare sinks right into the skin and adds velvety rich gel based moisture.  Just absorbed in quickly and helped my skin to get some glow back!  

Reishi Shield

6. Shields Up

Reishi Shield by Prana SpaCeuticals - This SPF 45 has an earthly, rich fragrance.  The light and fluffy product glides on with no film, streaking or white hue.  It feels great going on and just added moisture without any “schemer” feel some SPFs have.  

My skin looked and felt so much better after my Motel Mini Rescue Facial!  Always fun to have a little pampering, me time at 4:45 am while you’re up having coffee due to jet lag!