Fathers Day: Modern Man Style

Father’s Day is fast approaching and that means children, wives and husbands (that’s right, it’s 2017 – we’re now living in a more inclusive world where a man’s husband needs a Father’s Day gift!).

Never in my long legged life growing up on a farm in Central Pennsylvania did I ever think, I’d be writing about Father’s Day gifts for a man to give his husband, but I’m thrilled to be able to do so!

Traditional Father’s Day gifts have been, watches, electronics, sports equipment, wine/beer, and the always-popular necktie.   Again, it’s 2017 and our world has opened up so much in the past decade.  The men’s personal care market has – LITERALLY – exploded.  More men are buying and using personal care products to look and feel better.  Men are more open to taking care of themselves. This has created a whole new way to shop for Father’s Day gifts. 

I’ve been testing out a few products that I think would be great for Father’s Day!  There are 3 specific products that I’m confident the dad in your life will love and actually use! 


1.  Moroccan Magic Peppermint Eucalyptus Lip Balm
Ok, let’s just be clear, you can call it chapstick if he really gets freaked out by the term lip balm.  I don’t care what you call it, I swear once you get dad to give it a try, he’ll LOVE it.  I’m a lip balm addict and the second I put this one on, I was sold. 







2.  Man Mask by PFB Vanish

Yeah, I get it, guys want to be seen as tough, but suffering with razor burn is just stupid.  If the dad in your life shaves, at some point, his skin has been irritated.  Yeah, dads are strong, dads are cool, they want to always been seen as a rock for the family.  Let him be a rock, but with a polished edge.    Have him put Man Mask on after he shaves – tell him to put a small amount on his neck and face and then just enjoy the rest of his day.  He may not thank you for it, but it can be your little secret. 





3.  The Noir by Le Labo

I stumbled across Le Labo, a fragrance shop specializing in perfumes, candles, soaps and body washes while on a day trip with some friends to NYC.  I tried a few of the fragrances and then my friends and I went on about our day.  As the day went on I became more obsessed with one of the fragrances that I sampled.  The Noir 29 - a combination of black tea, bergamot, tobacco, fig, cedar wood and bay leaves.  I fell in love with it!  I made my friends take me back to the store so I could buy it!   Le Labo is a fragrance shop specializing in perfumes, candles, soaps and body washes.  The have about 15 signature fragrances that are made specially to order, and they create a customized label and gift box for each purchase.


These gifts aren’t show stoppers like a big screen tv, iPad or a killer watch. They’re small gifts that won’t break the bank.  They’ll show the dad in your life that you wanted to get him something to help him to be a little more comfortable every day.