Ok Fall, I’m Ready For You!

Summer was amazing!  It’s my favorite season of the year.  Tank tops, shorts, speedos and lots and lots of sun!  Oy, stop rolling your eyes – I used a ton of SPF and made sure to re-apply it every hour!  I wasn’t born yesterday – even though my skin looks like I was

Ok, tangent over. 

Summer was great, but it’s far in the rear view.  Fall is here – and I look amazing. 

Thanks for agreeing with me on that last point!  Want to know why I look amazing?  I’ve got a few secrets – the first is an amazing treatment in August to strip away all my Sins Of The Summer.  I was so lucky to be invited to DermaMed Solutions to experience a chemical peel / micordermabrasion treatment!  A great treatment to get my skin set up for fall. 

Barry and Jenni at the DermaMed headquarters!

Barry’s 5 Favorite dmSkincare Products

After the amazing treatment, DermaMed Solutions set me up with some of their dmSkincare products to use in my home care routine.  I left that treatment – literally glowing – both from the treatment and with excitement to try the treasure trove of products they provided.

I was able to break up the products they gave me into different uses.  Some I use every day – others – have very specific uses – so I don’t get use them as often.  While the entire collection of products they gave me are really good, I’m going to give you my top 5 Faves!

 Green Tea Vita-E Moisturizer and Daily Eclipse SPF 30

Green Tea Vita-E Moisturizer and Daily Eclipse SPF 30

1green tea vita-E moisturizer™

I can’t say enough good things about this antioxidant filled moisturizer.  My skin LOVED it.  Silky texture, light-weight, super hydrating!  I remember the day I ran out, I’m still trying to find a support group to deal with the trauma!

2.   vitA-clear serum

Um, they had me at, “...Natural Alternative To Retin-A!” in the description.  Please, for the love of God, peel my 47 year old face off so I get accused of being basically 29!

 Repair Bar from dmSkincare

Repair Bar from dmSkincare

3.  repair bar

In the world of fancy skincare brands, bar soaps aren’t very popular.  But this bad boy should be InstaFamous!  It’s in my Tumi Travel Bag, and helps to strip away excess dirt and oil from that nasty recycled airplane air!  It also smells like licorice – I’m transported back to being a chubby teenager eating black licorice at the movies! 

 Botana-Scrub Cleanser from dmSkincare

Botana-Scrub Cleanser from dmSkincare


 4.  botana-scrub cleaner
Holy At Home – Microderm Batman!  This is the scrubbiest scrub I’ve ever used.  Like, a little part of my gets really happy when I can give myself a seriously deep home manual exfoliation.  Like – legit – ifI feel like I just I stripped away a few fine lines in shower – I know it’s gonna be a good day! 

5.  daily eclipse sunscreen

EPIC!  That’s the only word I can use to describe this.  Smells amazing, feels amazing, blends in amazingly, and isn’t heavy and sticky.  I’m not kidding, if you want a great physical sunscreen – you must must get this!  I had a friend of mine use this who is black (Fitzpatrick 5) and he didn’t ash out – like – it’s that good!


Yes, you can have it all from one skincare line. 

I must say for the 30 days of September that I used this line, my skin looked amazing!  I got everything I could ever want from this line.  Amazing exfoliation, delicious hydration that was combined with strong antioxidant protection and then a truly yummy sunscreen, you will look forward to putting on your skin! 

The line was great to start me off with some deeper exfoliation in September as my pool days were done for the season.  The daily use of exfoliating serums helped to bring new fresh cells to the surface which made my skin look fresh and glowing! 

Thank you to DermaMed Solutions and dmSkincare for sponsoring this post.

 Check out the full line of dmSkincare at www.dmskincare.com

Check out the full line of dmSkincare at www.dmskincare.com