Bourbon French Parfums: A Custom Blend


There are only two things I own that are 100% custom and were created completely with me in mind.  1: a winter jacket that was tailored while we were living in Singapore (more about Asian beauty later!).  This thing still fits like a glove, post baby-body and all.  And 2: a custom dining room table created from reclaimed barn wood by a carpenter outside Philadelphia. But skincare?  Nothing.   

Custom seems to be a growing trend...custom curated clothing boxes delivered to your door, custom weekly meal plans, and even custom blended skincare.  It is much easier to feel as if everything you own is "just for you".  

If skincare can be customized, shouldn't the way you smell be just as custom? Have you ever worn someone else's signature scent, only to find it smelled completely different on your skin?  There is a reason for that, and I got the chance to understand every step that goes into blending fragrances on a recent trip to New Orleans.   


Powder and Musk, no thank you.

Welcome to Bourbon French Parfums, located in the French Quarter.  The shop sells signature scents, body lotions, cologne, among vintage perfume bottles and perfume lockets.  My custom session with Lori started with a few questions so she could get to know my preferences and what I thought smelled good.  She then proceeded to apply three base scents to my arm in order to identify a starting point.  The easiest part was identifying what I didn't like.  


While Lori navigated her way through the dozens of droppers, she shared the long history of Bourbon French Parfums.  As with most of New Orleans, the shop is old...really old.  It began in 1843 and has only had 5 owners since.  From chemists to perfumers, they still individually prepare each formula in small, personalized quantities.  

My Custom Blended Perfume.

Lori presented me with three blends, each one tweaked slightly, and each one was perfect.  It was really interesting to see how after the scent sat on my skin for a few minutes it transformed so much.  Lori even had me go out into the 85% humidity and hot sun in order to see how the scents would continue to warm and adjust with my body chemistry.  

Vintage Bottle

I finally chose a blend of white tea, lily of the valley, tuberose, white musk (!), bergamot, and vanilla.  I couldn't believe how spot on the formula was!  Lori took the sample portion back to the blending room and perfected my 1 oz custom scent, helped me choose a vintage perfume bottle, and sent me off, back out to the streets of the French Quarter, smelling like a dream.  

To set up your own custom session next time you are in New Orleans, head to their website, or contact the shop directly at 504-522-4480.