Barry's Skin Care Diary


Whenever anyone asks what I use on my skin the answer is easy.  “Depends on the day!”  Skin is the body’s largest organ, it’s a constantly changing group of tiny little cells.  Craziest part, the cells we actually see are dead!  They’re acting as a protective barrier.  We can impact how our skin looks on a daily basis by using high quality products that work at the cellular level to keep the skin looking great.  The trick is to be able to look at your skin and know what products you need to make it look amazing on any given day.  

Some days you gotta scrub, some days you gotta give it a ton of moisture, some days you need to give it a little lift.  I’ve been in the skincare game for nearly 2 decades, so I’ve become a pro at figuring out what I need.   Today, I’m in the process of building parts of my skin back up after a spot treatment to zap away some hyperpigmentation.  My goal is to infuse my skin with healing agents as well as protect it against sun damage.  

 So here’s what I used on Friday!  

 Circadia Micro-Exfoliating Honey Cleanser

Circadia Micro-Exfoliating Honey Cleanser

Step 1 – Scrub It!

It’s an exfoliation day – I like to scrub 3 – 4 times a week, I’m oily with big pores – so I keep the surface smooth. I also like to keep it buffed with no dead skin cells so I’m always a bright and shining star!  I started with a scrub so yummy, you’ll want to taste it.  BLOGGER SUGGESTION:  DON’T TASTE IT. The Micro-Exfoliating Honey Cleanser by Circadia.  Obvi, the smell is amazing, but the little scrubbers are actually microbeads of bees wax.  

Confession: I tasted it.  

Step 2 – Shoot The Birds

Crow’s landed in my late 30’s and those bitches are leaving footprints on my face.  I use Precious Fluids daily to keep them as small as I can.  I also love how this product reduces any under eye puffiness.  It’s like a cheery friend for your eyes – it brings light where there’s darkness, or in this case dark circles.   

 Prana Spaceuticals Precious Fluids

Prana Spaceuticals Precious Fluids

Step 3 – Double Barrel Shot Gun For The Birds

Whoever said less is more is a damn fool!  I want more!  That’s why I do a double serum layer. I use Just Relax Wrinkle Minimizing Serum by M.A.D Skincare.   I’ve “heard” it said that it’s a little like that B-word everyone uses in the skincare game – BOTOX.  How do they do it?  Do you want to know?  


SAY IT WITH ME……. PEPTIDES!  This word is the hottest buzzword in skincare right now because those little suckers work! They’re there to help cells to function at optimal levels.

Step 3 – Invest In Your 401K

Antioxidants are like a 401K for your skin.  You use it when you don’t think you need it.  It’s a defense against long-term sag and droop...when people get old and their cheeks land on their lips or their eyes sag.  It’s that deflation – when collagen gives up and lets go.  I use Vitamin C Reversal Serum by Circadia.  A tiny drop spreads over the whole face and I just trust it’s keeping my skin tight!  

Just A Thought – by now you’re thinking – “Ewwww, is his face caked with goop?”  That’s sheer sign you’ve  been using bad products.

Step 4 – Defend Me!

All skin needs moisture – I love a light, almost gel type of moisturizer.  The Daytime Defense Shielding Moisturizer by M.A.D Skincare is packed full of botanical extracts, hydrates and glides on smoothhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  It’s full of Oxygen Boosters to increase circulation.  This will speed healing of the trauma on my skin’s surface from the removal of the dark spots.  BONUS:  smells delish!  

 M.A.D. Daytime Defense Shielding Moisturizer

M.A.D. Daytime Defense Shielding Moisturizer

Just A Thought – by now you’re thinking – “Ewwww, is his face caked with goop?”  That’s sheer sign you’ve  been using bad products.  These products are so refined and have such sophisticated ingredients that they absorb in beautifully.  


I had some dark spots zapped with radio frequency at the NASNPRO Event in Boston on Monday, so I picked a physical sunblock with Zinc Oxide Reishi Shield SPF 45 by Prana SpaCeuticals.  This smells like truffle oil when you put it on and has the consistency of a soufflé – a total pleasure for all senses to apply.  

So there you have it.  I change it up daily; it depends on any overwhelming factors.  I wasn’t too much of any one particular thing today.  If I’m too dry or too puffy, or need more exfoliation, I have all sorts of products in my arsenal to combat the signs of dealing with life on life’s terms.