5 of the COOLEST sunscreens ever

I’m currently obsessed with keeping my skin as even toned as possible.  I’m forever applying sunscreens and telling everyone I know to wear it.  Whenever anyone asks me what one thing they can do to make sure they have great skin - they get my emphatic reply – “Wear sunscreen every day!”  It’s no joke.  The sun’s rays are like tiny little Ginsu knives to the collagen fibers in your skin.  Wanna keep it tight?  #Sunscreen! 

My buddies loved it when I broke out the tinted sunscreen at the beach. I made them all try it.  It was hysterical; the eye rolls and groans; yet they did it! 

I’ve seen some of the top skincare brands out there for their coolest sunscreen.  I’ve played with them all, and collected a few items that have truly surprised me! Here’s my list of sunscreens that I think everyone should know about!  It’s not my complete list, but these bad boys have some very cool features that I think make them fun to talk about. 

M.A.D. Hyper Sheer SPF 50

Full Of Antioxidants

M.A.D Skincare’s SPF 50 Hyper Sheer Daily Moisture This product is like you’re not wearing anything.  It’s an antioxidant filled delicious moisturizer that has sun protection.  Hyper Sheer is a great name; it’s amazing...a pleasure to put on. 

DMK Sunscreen, SPF 30







Full Physical Block

DMK Sunscreen SPF 30 I love a full physical block for a pool day.  I just love knowing that those minerals are keeping my skin safe.  This SPF 30 is oil free. 

Prana SpaCeuticals Reishi Shield SPF 45






Mushroom Special

Prana SpaCeuticals Reishi Shield SPF 45 This is like a gourmet soufflé on your face.  Light and fluffy consistency with a delicious, earthy mushroom fragrance, I swear I’ve had truffle oil that didn’t’ smell as delicious!   This SPF combines organic plant stem cell mushrooms combined with micronized zinc. These ingredients provide protection from broad-spectrum rays while reducing redness and inflammation, and reclaiming skin’s immunity.

TatSaver, SPF 30

Great For Ink

TatSaver from Bella Sciences Sun Save SPF 30+  I wear this EVERY DAY!!!!!  I have my arms full of bright tattoos.  I’m forever getting compliments on my Shiva and Ganesha – the bright oranges and reds are striking!  Color fades, especially the red, under the damaging rays of the sun.

Worry no more!  TatSaver SunSaver(TM) contains trademarked CPX complex that maintains the bright color of your tats that are meant to be seen!


TIZO Tinted Facial Mineral Sunscreen

Just A Hint Of Tint

TIZO 3 Facial Mineral Sunshield – Tinted SPF 40 The day my friends and I tried this at the beach was hysterical.  I didn’t tell them it was tinted until they were putting it on. I was screaming at how freaked out they were.  No big deal.  The sunscreen was amazing!  It blended perfectly with everyone’s skin and looked as if it weren’t tinted at all.   We all applied it a few times that day; even my friends who are darker Fitzpatricks were ok with the medium tone of the tint.


Most of the brands listed here produce many other sun protection products, I’ve just selected some of the most interesting from their line of products.  It’s always fun to try a new and totally different product.  I will say of the 5 the one that I was most surprised by was the Prana SpaCeuticals Reishi Shield 45.  It’s really luxurious and has a Truffle like fragrance.  I’d recommend them all to anyone, and highly recommend the TatSaver to anyone with ink! 

Enjoy!  And please – wear Suncreen Every Damn Day!