Cannabis Skincare: Call 411 not 911!

First, yes, Cannabis is:

  • pot
  • marijuana
  • Mary Jane
  • Refer

Ok, now can we all just calm down!  No need to call 911!

Come in, sit down, grab a coffee and let me drop some knowledge!  I promise, after you get some basics down, you’re going to look up from your phone or computer and ask yourself why you aren’t using this stuff right now!  

The Breakdown

First, there’s no Cannabis in any skincare or bodycare products. Everyone knows about the “high” that is produced from Cannabis - that “high” comes from THC that’s in Cannabis.  What many people don’t know is that there’s also another element in Cannabis called CBD!

I know what you’re all thinking - because I was thinking it too!   

Will I get “high” if I use skincare or body care products with CBD in them?

I’ll say it loud for the people in the cheap seats….

“Y’all ain’t gettin' high from CBD!”  

Now, say it outloud with me.  “I’m not going to get high from CBD!”  

Let’s Go To Science School

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, we can discuss the wonders of CBD oil!  We met one of the most knowledgeable men in Las Vegas at the IECSC. Jenni and I talked to him forever and asked him so many questions.  Jenni asked, “What exactly is CBD Oil?”  Konstantin Malygin, COO of RX Canna Care explained, “CBD oil is actually Cannabidiol, the most prevalent chemical compound found in the Cannabis plant.”  

I jumped in and asked, “How does CBD oil impact the body?”  Konstantin then told me, “Cannabinoids are the natural chemicals produced by the body that interact with the Endocannabinoid system and found in the cannabis sativa plant.  The 2 main functions of CBD are to regulate nutrient transportation and the metabolic rate. The Endocannabinoid system has 2 main receptors the first is found throughout the body, the second is in the brain and immune system; both play a role in helping the body function.  CB1 receptor is in the Central Nervous system and immune system, where the CB2 is found in the peripheral nervous system found throughout the surface layers of the skin. CBD helps those sites to work at optimal capacity."

There are 4 main purposes of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS):  

Neuro-Protection,  Stress Recovery, Immune Balance, and Homeostasis Regulation - (creating “balance in the body”).

It took me awhile to absorb all of that, but when it all sunk in, I just looked at Konstantin and asked……

“So, it’s like CBD, just helps the skin and body to function at optimal levels.”  He gave me a gold star for getting it right! 

I’m Obsessed

Now let’s talk about stem cells, retinols, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid!  These are some of the usual suspects in a high quality anti-aging skincare line.  I asked Twompson Prater, CEO of RX Canna Care, what sets CBD skincare apart from other brands with the same usual suspects. 

“CBD enhances the beneficial properties of the ingredients already in the product, it enhances the nutrient transportation and metabolic rate connection.”  explains Twompson.

Listen to Twompson explain it all:

RX Canna Care gave us a collection of products to try and we’ve had a blast.  They have a complete am/pm skincare program that I’ve been loving.  It’s aloe based and infused with their whole flower isolate CBD oil.  

Knowledge Drop:

Question:  Whole Flower Isolate?

Answer: Think Vitamin C in a serum versus Vitamin C in an orange.  The Whole Flower Isolate is the CBD that’s extracted from whole flower CBD, not sticks and stems and seeds.

I’ve been loving these:


CBD Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells

Want to know how the CBD oil impacts the enzymes or plant stem cells when applied topically, then click here

Check out additional articles on this product here.




CBD Collagen Retinol Anti-Aging Lotion

If you need more information on how the Whole Flower CBD oil works to impact the skin with a retinol you can learn more here.



CBD Neck & Décolleté Firming Formula

Interested in finding out how Canna’s formula can help protect against the premature signs of aging, UV overexposure and even reverse the sight of unwanted sagging skin, click here.


CBD Infused Pain Relief Cream

If you want to learn about this menthol and arnica infused cream that I’ve used to rehab through a lifting injury, click here.

Canna Cream

Jenni’s also jumped on the CBD band wagon!  Her 4 yr old son Jack has eczema, she’s tried everything on him and nothing’s really helped...until she tried the Canna Cream with CBD Oil.  I remember one of our morning calls when she said, “Barry this Canna Cream is LEGIT!  I’ve been putting it on Jack’s eczema and it’s totally clearing it up!”  


Want to learn more about this all natural, organic cream and how it works wonders on eczema and see what other skin disorders and chronic illnesses that it can help?  Click here!  

So as you can see we’re totally hooked on CBD and are in love with it’s benefits!  The world of CBD is only just opening up.  There are so many options becoming available!  

Rx Canna Care is a growing company that has an amazing assortment of products to choose from! They are also a resources for CBD related information and have an awesome blog that will keep you up to date on all CBD related news and information!   Rx Canna Care has so many amazing products, they’re wonderful to add offer to guests at a spa, skincare boutique, massage therapy center, physical therapists office or doctor’s office.  You can contact the team at RX Canna Care for more information!  

Thank you to RX Canna Care for sponsoring this story!