Get The #AnnmarieGlow

Thank God for inflight wifi. I was flying to San Francisco and during the flight we received an introductory email from Annmarie Skincare. It jumped out at me, “......we’re located in the bay area….” I thought to myself, “This is fate, I’m gonna have a little extra fun on this trip!”  

There was one line in the first email that got my attention, “Skincare infused with crystals.”  I needed to know more? Is there a gem in each bottle? Is there ground crystals in the scrub? The company was located in Berkeley, CA, so I knew it had to be something ahead of the curve and extra!  


After an email exchange and a few tweaks to my skedge, I ended up spending a morning with the team at Annmarie. When I got to their offices the first thing I noticed was the sign outside that read, “Honest. Wild. Beautiful.” Come on, who doesn’t want to be thought of as Honest, Wild and Beautiful?  

Ok Annmarie...tell me more!

The line is handcrafted skin care, using organic and wildcrafted ingredients, that promises beautiful, glowing skin [I later learned first hand, just how glowing it could be!]

Annmarie does everything using a 3-step, Honest. Wild. Beautiful. process.

 Annmarie- Coconut Honey Mask

Annmarie- Coconut Honey Mask

They carefully select organic and wildcrafted ingredients — including herbs and plant extracts — to meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness for your skin and body. They audit their sources to ensure that they continue to meet standards. They infuse selected herbs into aloe vera and into skin nutritive oils for up to 30 days. These infusions are used as a potent base for all of their products. Additionally, they craft the packaging of these products with intention using Miron glass and sustainable materials.

I met with  Rachel and Andrea, these women epitomized, Wild. Honest. Beautiful.  I was crushing on them hard. Not a stitch of makeup on either face and their skin was glowing… I wanted that glow! As we sipped our tea and chatted, I was able to ask….  “The crystals, please tell me about the crystals?”  Turns out, there’s none in the product. These crystals are placed around the products as they’re being made.  Filled with intentions and positive energy to add to the product’s overall vitality.

The space where the products are created is a haven.  No cell phones or outside chit-chat. Only energy infused crystals, purity, positive intentions, and very high quality ingredients, packaged in the most eco-friendly packaging!  

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Here’s a secret. I used their Coconut Honey Mask before I went on stage to host The Skin Games and my skin was G L O W I N G under those heavy stage lights. YES, I got the #AnnmarieGlow ! You’ve got to get the Annmarie Glow!