How to Stretch Your Summertime Glow

Like many of you, I am so concerned ALL summer with keeping my face lathered up with SPF, but my body really only gets one application of protection when we are intentionally outside.  This leads to a total mis-match of tones, and not exactly the look I am going for.  Here are my two favorite solutions for the perfect, fool-proof, self tanning application.


L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Towelettes

 Head to the 2 minute mark to hear more from our recent Facebook Live!

Head to the 2 minute mark to hear more from our recent Facebook Live!

Not a foam, not a lotion, not a spray; A WIPE.  Yes, I was a little concerned this would end well the first time I used these: how in the world will I know where I've applied the product? Will the wipe dry up??  Will it be enough???

The actual cloth is about the size of 2 or 3 baby wipes, and comes neatly folded in a little pouch. One wipe will cover your entire body, and you can somewhat see where it has been applied because the skin will appear moisturized.  Be sure to wash your hands after the application...and in about 6 hours, you have yourself a gorgeous, natural tan.  The best part?  They are less than $10 for a pack of 6.  You can buy them here

Pro Tip: Cut them in half or quarters if you just want to do quick touch-ups or your arms/legs. Store the unused portion in a ziplock for next time!

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha beta glow pads

Self Tanning Wipes

Ok so these aren't nearly as instantly gratifying, but they work wonders.  A box contains 20 wipes, and ideally you use daily on your face for an even, exfoliated, sun-kissed appearance.  I (of course) dove right in, and used them every day for about a week.  I loved the glow that came along with the amazing texture and overall brighter appearance, and the color was subtle.  

They provide just enough glow to start to match your body, without having to apply bronzer every day.  You can purchase them here.  I highly recommended these if you are not in a rush for your glow.  If that is not the case, just use Advanced Mineral Makeup's bronzer.  It's gorgeous.  

They do contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids, so they are going to keep your skin super soft and exfoliated.  If you are using a retinol product, I would enter with caution, and maybe not use daily like I did.