3 ways to make your lips irresistible.


Angelina. Kylie. Scarlett.  

They've all got 'em, and we wish we did too: perfect lips that seem to be begging for a smooch.  The American culture seems to have a fascination with full, plump lips.  Since the introduction of the full metal retractable lipstick tube in 1915, women started using lipstick to create an exaggerated effect on their lips, and the trend has only grown from there:

  • In 2014, "duck lips" was added to the Oxford Dictionary.  
  • In 2016, over 28,000 lip augmentation procedures were performed, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Want to get the look?  Let's check out a few ways to go about it.

inject 'em

A common and popular option, you can inject your lips with hyaluronic acid (HA) to get a full, plump look.  Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance in our body that provides fullness and elasticity.  As we age, the levels of HA begin to decrease, leading to a loss in volume (which ultimately mean fine lines and wrinkles).  

I have a massive fear of needles, so the idea of them going directly into my lips is a little overwhelming.  I'm not sure I would be ready for this option.  

I’m not totally ruling out the idea of needles in my face...Botox is totally on my radar...
Jenni Lips

The #KylieJennerChallenge  

Yes, this was a thing.  Shot glass: ✔️ Lips: ✔️ Suction all air out of glass: ✔️ 

Want to see the results of this method?  Just go here....but you've been warned.




Now, if both of the aforementioned methods do not appeal to you, might I suggest an alternative:





Yeah,  I think I'll take this route.  

Moroccan Magic

First, I use the Pop Sugar Lips from Prana SpaCeuticals, which is a little pot of scrub formulated with your mouth in mind.  It tastes like an absolute dream (yes, it's edible).  You only need the smallest amount, otherwise you'll be eating quite a bit of it.  I scrub this magic little potion around my lips for a few, and this amazing oil disperses itself on your lips, leaving them feeling silky smooth.  Next, I apply Plumping Diva Lips to give them just a little pick me up, without the ever popular, overbearing tingling sensation that accompanies so many of these products.  No fire, no cinnamon, no burning.  Perfect.  (Bonus: It has an SPF 15)  Finally, I seal in all that goodness with the Moroccan Magic Rose Lip Balm.  This little tube is full of Sunflower, Coconut, and Vitamin E, and contains certified USDA Organic Argan and essential oils.  They also make other flavors, which are as equally amazing (coconut almond??! yes, please!).  No pain, no bruising....but most importantly, no duck lips.

Three quick steps, one set of super smooth lips.  And the finishing touch?  Well, lipgloss, of course.