2018 FAVS!

This past year we've had such a blast meeting so many new brands and introducing you to our existing favorites.  We've compiled a list of or FAVS for 2018, and we want you to help us pick the winners!  

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SkincareJenni Nagle
Facials Are An Investment You Need To Protect

If you’re investing into facial treatments in any type of spa, especially a medical spa where you can get more expensive treatments such as radiofrequency or laser resurfacing, you need to protect that investment.  You can’t just slap on some random drug store moisturizer and hope it will restore your masterpiece.

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Flower Power Finally Gets Respect

Please don’t just assume that organic skincare is all butters, oils and herbs.  Organics have been supercharged; you can now find ingredients such as stem cells and Esther C. These ingredients are being marketed to improve collagen production. Yes, organics have grown up and now even physicians are taking notice!

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