I tried a new mascara...and this is what happened.

Lipgloss + Mascara = my go to items when I have 3 minutes to look presentable.  I am always willing to try something new that will provide more shine, less goop, more volume, and fewer clumps.  When I came across Blinc at a recent trade show, I was totally on board.


Blinc has a completely different approach to mascara.  Unlike traditional formulas that coat the lashes, Blinc actually turns into a tube on your lash, completely covering each individual lash for maximum separation and coverage.  

The wand is traditional, nothing new or different like the Rimmel London wand that was around for a while.  That comb style was amazing; it coated tons of product on your lashes without getting clumpy (I wish they would bring it back).  

At first I noticed that you can't layer more than one coat; the tubes literally coat your lash and if you try to apply more, it just wont adhere.  It was smooth, left no clumps, and went on nicely.  I wasn't overly impressed with the volume, but the lengthening was great.  It was when I removed it that things got weird.

Did that just happen?  Did I just rinse off all my eye lashes? 

It wouldn't come off with makeup remover.  Totally cool with that.  Eliminates a step for me.

I just used water to rise my eyes, with surprisingly little stinging, and when I looked in my sink I swear I saw all of my lashes floating around in the water.  Tons of long, black lashes were just spilling down the drain.  

Low and behold, the tubes that encapsulate your lashes actually just glide right off with water.  Very cool.  But very shocking when you aren't expecting to see a mass puddle of one of your few remaining assets after you have a child.  My lashes were clean, no stinging, and no black smudges under my eyes.  

Pros: clean, natural look, easy to remove.

Cons: not very thickening, may cause slight panic with first use.

Once again, I revert to my good 'ol standby, Maybelline Lash Stiletto.  This formula has never let me down, even when I came crawling back after Rimmel discontinued their comb-wand.  Expensive skincare?  Yes.  Cheap mascara? Absolutely.