Do You Have A Foundation Situation?


If you see it, you probably can’t stop staring!  You just want to cringe. You don’t want to judge, but you have to ask, “Did you look closely in the mirror?”  You want to run over and say, “Hon, let me help you out here…. That foundation is not right for your skin tone.”  

Houston, we have a problem!

It’s a Bad Foundation Situation!  When you can see where the foundation ends and her neck begins - it’s just wrong.  We’re not here to shame or degrade. We’re here to educate. We’re here to offer support and encouragement.  Someone needs to step in and school these girls.

Barry to the rescue!  I’ll be your new Sassy Gay Best Friend!  

I get it...matching colors can be hard!  Make up can be expensive. Finding the right shade that’s perfect for your skin tone is something that needs to be perfected.  Being able to honor all of the challenges that come along with getting a flawless foundation is the first step!

Barry’s Advice For Dealing With A Bad Foundation Situation

  1. Don’t be afraid to admit you made a bad choice.

  2. Get to know Jaclyn Peresetsky, renowned Color Expert

  3. Download an excerpt from Jaclyn Peresetsky’s book, Discover The Powers Of Your Colors

  4. Get Jacyln’s amazing make up kit - the Colore Me Perfect Nourish Me Kit !

The Nourish Me Kit is $243. It contains 6 amazing products:

The color correcting primer, mineral sunscreen, mineral concealer, and mineral baked powder filled with nourishing botanical extracts and vitamins, hydrating humectants and anti-inflammatory and light refracting properties to treat and perfect one’s complexion.  You also get the Colore Me Perfect’s kabuki brush that allows for buildable coverage using natural hair.

Wait… what? Who is Jaclyn and what is Colore Me Perfect?  


Jaclyn is a Color Expert with a specialized education from Columbus College of Art & Design where she studied color theory and portrait artistry. Jaclyn married her expertise in color theory with her interest in skin care and cosmetics by studying with the best plastic surgeons and skin care therapists at the Ohio State University. Colore Me Perfect Cosmetics, a cosmetic line based on a woman’s color code. In 2012, Jaclyn launched her skin care line called Skin Perfect. Also in 2012, Jaclyn launched a program where she certifies image consultants in her proprietary color analysis process.

 Click to watch Jenni's live color matching process on Facebook.

Click to watch Jenni's live color matching process on Facebook.

Colore Me Perfect is one of the coolest lines of customizable makeup that you can find in a spa.  It’s the Science of Skin Combined with the Art of Color. Colore Me Perfect minerals is a cosmetic line created for the skin care client who wants to protect their investment in their skin with nourishing ingredients and UV protecting minerals while revealing a natural and glowing complexion as well as defined features using the perfect colors.

That’s right ladies, never mismatch that foundation ever again!  You can be sure you’re on point with Colore Me Perfect!  If you own a day spa and want to offer Colore Me Perfect in your spa, it’s an amazing finishing touch to any skincare treatment.  Never have a client leave after an aggressive facial peel without a finished look.  The nourishing and protective attributes of a mineral cosmetic line are incredible. They help the skin to start its natural healing process and protect it from any harsh environmental elements.  Become a Colore Me Perfect retailer now.