Lipgloss Be Poppin'

They say my lip gloss is poppin' - My lip gloss is cool!  

That’s right kids!  Lipgloss is poppin’!  It’s one of the hottest make up items on the market today!  Everyone knows it because everyone loves it! But have you ever stopped to ponder why it’s poppin’?  

Well, I have! In my years in the beauty industry, I’ve watched what brands are doing and I’ve watched what consumers are doing. I’ve watched girls in the city and girls in the suburbs and girls in the country. So many different types of girls. They all have one thing in common, LIPGLOSS!  

Lipgloss is versatile. It can be a soft muted pink for the shy girl who still wants to feel pretty.  Lipgloss can have a hint of shimmer for a little more pizzazz when a subtle woman wants to be noticed. Lipgloss can be bold to make a statement for the girl who wants to command attention. But it can also be super shiny for the girl who wants to be super sexy.  

Lipgloss is for every woman!  

This is one of the main reasons we chose Lipgloss in our business name.  Because it’s a beauty product that is distinctly female and the essence of pretty, feminine, powerful, and sexy.  

We have 5 Lipglosses that we love!!

 #7 - Lipgloss + Aftershave

#7 - Lipgloss + Aftershave

#7  by Lipgloss + Aftershave

The cutest shade of pink on the planet!  #7 is LEGIT, the perfect shade is for every girl! Every time any girl tries our signature Lipgloss she loves it!  You have to try it yourself! And guess what? Now through July 4th, it is BUY ONE GET ONE FREE with code POPPIN.


 Plumping Diva Lips - PRANA SpaCeuticals

Plumping Diva Lips - PRANA SpaCeuticals

Plumping Diva Lips by PRANA SpaCeuticals

Plumping Diva Lips adds volume to your lips with antioxidants, peptides, and sun protection. While Plumping Diva Lips is giving you the lips of a diva, it is also smoothing out fine lines and giving your lips a hint of color with added Mica. It has a cool minty flavor and can be worn alone or under any lip color.



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Trying to keep your makeup routine simple this Summer? Ginamarie’s Vanilla Bean Gloss is the newest addition just in time for summer. These gorgeous glosses are a light, natural, sheer gloss infused with a touch of vanilla flavor. Beautiful worn alone or over one of your favorite GM lipsticks. They are available in two shades: Fresh Nude and Peach Schnapps. A “must-have” in your everyday lip collection.

 Candice - Advanced Mineral Makeup

Candice - Advanced Mineral Makeup

Candice by Advanced Mineral MakeUp

Create the look of fuller more voluptuous lips naturally. This mineral-based lip gloss is packed full of nourishing ingredients such as lavender and sweet almond oil that help nourish and add moisture to the lips.



 Beach High Gloss - Kryolan

Beach High Gloss - Kryolan

Beach HIGH GLOSS by Kryolan

High Gloss is a specially developed lip gloss with special pearl pigments based on Mica providing the lips with extraordinary radiance. High Gloss is available in a range of vivid shades for the modern look. With High Gloss, the lips become the focus of each make-up.


There you have them!  5 shades of fabulous that let every girl be exactly who they are!  From the bold to the bashful. Celebrate feminine diversity - let your inner flower bloom no matter if she’s a wallflower or a bird of paradise!  Celebrate you, feel pretty, feel confident, feel sexy - pick one or all 3! xoxo

Thank you to Kryolan, Advanced Mineral Makeup, Prana Spa Ceuticals, and Gina Marie for sponsoring this article.