Lipstick vs Lipgloss: the down + dirty!

A guest post written by Jillian Wintermute

There is so much to this debate, a lot of which comes down to preference and circumstance! But ladies, WHY can’t we have BOTH?  Why can’t we change our minds?  Why can’t we switch it up?!

We deserve to have our lips look any way we want!

What's the occasion? 

First of all…what’s the occasion?

Going to work?

Hot date?

Both in the same day?

Again, we deserve options!


It comes in many textures, and generally speaking I use lipstick when I want color impact and longevity. I definitely recommend lipliner with lipstick, it makes it last longer and polishes your look. You can also make your nude lip a little racier with a SLIGHTLY darker liner (please don’t go getting all crazy with donut lips…but hey who am I to judge?!) Think plump voluptuous, kissable lips!

Matte textures have the most color impact and last the longest because they are heavily pigmented and drier than the moisturizing options. However, matte textures have a harder appearance and don’t do my laugh lines justice, but sometimes you just need what you need, right?

I feel like red should always be matte, I mean, who wants glossy red all over their teeth (or lover)?!  NO!  Red is definitely a matte color!

I do love light colors in moisturizing glossy finishes but always with a liner! Lipliner is a must…don’t skip it when wearing lipstick or you will be reapplying all day long and ain’t nobody got time for that honey!

Lipstick Color Choices

DO wear ANY color you like!

Have MANY different colors so you can change it up depending on mood and outfit.

DON’T listen to people who tell you there are rules, piss on that! Wear whatever color makes you happy but wear it like you mean it!

Most importantly we need to consider…

Where you’re going in this lipstick?

What (or who) will I be doing? Let’s be real here…if you are going on a hot date with every intention on getting hot and heavy DON’T wear a bold matte red lip for the love of sweet baby Jesus! Nobody wants red all over their face, neck or any other areas ;-).  You certainly don’t want it smashed all over your face for the walk of shame.


I do love to have lipgloss on hand to just throw on in a pinch! You generally don’t even need a mirror and can get away with it at the gym or events where you don’t want to look “club ready” but still want to look cute (gym, supermarket, running around doing errands).  

JILLIAN’S PRO TIP:  For A Quick Cute Look

Throw on some mascara and a little under eye concealer.  Then a little lipgloss on lips AND some on the cheeks and your ready in under 5 minutes!

Lipgloss generally does not have a lot of color pay off so it’s wonderful for dates where you want to get a little naughty. When it all goes down who can tell really even tell if it’s a lipgloss stain or a splash of spilled cocktail. You’re reputation will be totally protected.

Triple Whammy!

Lip Liner - Lipstick - Lipgloss on top!

For going out with a full face of makeup or those of us who need it all, all of the time! Have fun, wear any and all of the colors and wear the hell out of it!

Love and lust.




Jillian Wintermute is a makeup artist with 15+ years of experience with MAC cosmetics. You can view her work on her Facebook Page, or contact her at