Brave Rebel Warrior

This is a guest post written by Stephanie Rae, LE

January 2018 was the first time that I picked up a makeup brush in four years. I’ve been an esthetician for 10 years and have done my share of make up, which I did almost out of obligation. Make up is very much outside of my comfort zone –but I never felt fueled or inspired by it, so I just stopped offering it and never looked back.   


In January I entered The Skin Games International Makeup Challenge, in Chicago.  My husband couldn’t understand why I entered, he reminded me of how much I have on my plate, but for me, the answer was simple. I needed to tell my story with in a more creative and expressive way.  I need to use fewer words, which, are often misinterpreted or lost.

My entry for the makeup challenge was titled, “Brave Rebel Warrior,” which was completely inspired by others just like myself.  I have battled a genetic mutative disease called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome since birth and life changing Neurological Lyme Disease for four years, both can have debilitating symptoms. I can be running a 5k one day and in a wheelchair the next.

During my last major flare up my husband, who is amazing and supportive said something to me that struck me.  As we were waiting for emergency services to come take me to the hospital, I was laying on the floor, scared and crying. My husband looked at me and said, “No more crying. You can cry when we get to the hospital but for now, I need you to be a brave rebel warrior.”

He was right; it was time to be brave for my spirit instead of angry with my body. The brave rebel warrior will always rise again! From all of this I was fully inspired to create the Brave Rebel Warrior look you see here.


How I Got The Look.

I started out on my beautiful model, Ms. Kelly by using the Glo Luxe foundation in Porcelain and then did a light contour with the Mehron cream foundation in dark and then added a light Glo Luxe finishing powder on top. The foundation and powder evens-out the model’s skin tone, provides beautiful coverage and worked as a barrier to protect the models skin from potential reactions due to the pigments that were to be airbrushed on her later on.


Tape was my BFF during this process! Scotch tape creates a great seal by firmly sticking to the skin so we were able to create a super clean line on her forehead and protect her ears from any overspray.

Next, we used airbrush (or six airbrushes to be exact). Rule of thumb with highly pigmented airbrush makeup, it WILL clog so always have an extra. We used all Temptu pigments starting at the brow level with the red then blending into the orange and eventually the yellow. I always like to keep a little bit of the previous color in my gun to mix the colors for a smoother transition, so the blending looks spot on. Once the airbrushing is done, the tape can come off…slowly and touchups can be made.

I am a work smarter not harder chick so I totally used Martha Stewart stamps for the dots.

Our next step involved my favorite product called Graftobian gold cosmetic powdered metal. This product was used on my model’s ears and on the circles on her forehead and chin.

The white dots were done with White Mehron body paint and the end of one of my brushes. The Mehron gives a super-rich color and mixes with only water. I free handed the white lines and arrows.

The lips! I LOVED the way Kelly’s lips turned out. We used the Mehron red body paint to create this stunning lip and again, it just mixes with water.

I finished with the Blinc Eyebrow Mousse in Light Brown just to add a little extra definition and attention to her eyes.

Once we were all said and done my comfort zone was expanded, my heart felt lighter and I deeply felt that my message was clear. Be BRAVE rebel warriors!


Stephanie is the owner of Brilliant Bodywork in Onalaska, WI.  Along with running her own business, she is also an Aesthetician / Certified Laser Tech. / Certified Laser Safety Officer / Reiki Master Teacher / Ordained Minister / Certified Health and Wellness Coach / Certified Aesthetic Consultant.  You can visit her website here.