You Do WHAT To Your Makeup?

A guest post by Aliyah M.

The process of putting on makeup can be annoying or soothing, depending on who you ask. Some people think it's relaxing to blast music and put their makeup on in the morning.

Or like that lady that was in labor who did her full face to overcome labor pains.


Other people, like me, sometimes don’t think it’s worth using my $40 foundation, $26 concealer, $24 mascara and god knows what else I put on my face, just to take it all off again. It’s almost depressing to watch my makeup remover wipes take it all off.

It’s like watching dollar signs smear down my face, onto the wipe and into the trash can.

One of my best friends, who also shares my love for makeup, recently found a way to make doing our makeup slightly more worth it. Every night, before she takes off her makeup completely, she sends me a snapchat picture of her makeup smeared down her face.

She wets her face and hand a little and drags it from her eye down her cheek, taking all her mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow with her. She started calling it a  #makeupsmear. Sometimes, it’s just a picture of the aftermath of the smear, other times it’s a video of the destruction.

 She even has us rate them.


At first, I thought it was a weird quirk. I didn’t think much of it and ignored it for the most part. But, when she kept sending them, I started paying more attention and realized they’re actually really pretty.

Her makeup skills far exceed mine, so hers are much prettier, but it still looks cool. I know at the end of the day instead of dreading taking my makeup off, I can come home and smear it all over just for the fun of it. They're actually very aesthetic looking. 

So, if you’re like me and hate putting on makeup just to take it all off again, smear it!