How Can Makeup Heal Your Skin?

 These are the EXACT products I'v been using...

These are the EXACT products I'v been using...

Is it safe to say that 90% of estheticians don't want their clients walking out of their treatment room with makeup on? I mean, you just cleansed, extracted, treated and perfected this flawless canvas...why would you want to cover it up, right?

Well, I'm about to change your thoughts on that.

I've discovered a mineral makeup that is so much more than a pigment-rich cream that masks the gorgeous skin beneath.  Advanced Mineral Makeup: my new favorite thing to put on after my SPF.

Glitter and Pigments.

I'm not sure if I am just so worried about skincare that I never really pay attention to my makeup, or if I really have no idea what I am I avoid it at all costs.  (Probably the latter).  I've always worn makeup, but never really felt like I was good at it, as many estheticians can agree.  I'd rather keep a healthy canvas so that I didn't have to wear makeup.  

When I became aware of mineral makeup, it was by way of kiosk in the mall...Bare Minerals.  I am pretty sure that was the only player in the game.  Everything was in a powder form: the shadow, the foundation, the "Mineral Veil" was all so enticing for an oily-skinned teenager.

Were they the ones that made that giant stack of pigment powders you could mix together and make your own eyeshadows?  I can’t remember...I just know I loved them.

Needless to say...its been a while.  So when Advanced Mineral Makeup gave me the opportunity to try out their full range of products, I knew I'd need a few little lessons: 

1.  Why mineral based makeup is not like your typical makeup.

2.  How to make putting on makeup as simple as possible.  

Let's head straight to the pros for the answers.  You'll see why this brand is good for your skin and the products I am loving.  Enjoy the shows!


Meet Annie from Advanced Mineral Makeup.

As a former salon owner and aesthetician, Annie made the progression to television, film and print ad makeup artistry. Her makeup artistry work includes over 25 feature films, countless print-ads, the Miss Universe Pageant, television network news stations and major sporting events such as the Super Bowl and the World Series. Annie also hosted a morning television segment on Fox News called "The Makeup Doctor."

She always believed in the products that she represented, but she always felt there was room for improvement in women’s makeup. As a result, she made the decision to invest her time in developing Advanced Mineral Makeup a line of natural mineral makeup and cosmetics.  Check out her take on incorporating Mineral Makeup into your daily skincare routine:

Meet Jena from Smoke Bomb Beauty

Sometimes you just need a pro to tell you what to do.  So, we hooked up with Jena, leading makeup artist in Southern New Jersey to get her feedback (and some amazing PRO tips) on the Advanced Mineral Makeup Line.   [This one is a time investment, guys, 9 minutes of awesome tips and tricks...especially the one around 5:29].

A huge thank you to Jena Huynh and Advanced Mineral Makeup for partnering on this post.