Do Magnetic Lashes Work?

Clearly, I am always on the hunt for the next best thing for my lashes.  Mascara that forms tubes around your lashes?  Tried it.  Lash growth serum?  Love it.  Extensions?  Sign me up.  So when I saw these magnetic lashes (actually, several people sent me links to I look that desperate??!), I was 100% on board.

First in the world are these supposed to work?  Do you apply a magnet to your lid or what?  Watch our video, and check out the detailed description below, then you be the judge.

 They are quite simple, and a great concept.  There are two layers of lashes that each have a magnet on them.  You then proceed to sandwich your natural lash in between the two layers, and, VIOLA!  Lash extensions!

Not so fast.

The first thing I noticed was the shape of the lash.  It is really straight, so there is no way it is going to curve and hug your natural lash line.  I still had hope.  

 Two lashes for each eye, one for the top and one for the bottom.

Two lashes for each eye, one for the top and one for the bottom.

On my first attempt, I was wearing mascara (that doesn't help).  The magnets didn't want to snap together at the base of my lashes.  They would connect and the set would pull forward on the lashes, so they were always mid-way on the shaft of the lash.   I kept going....for about 30 minutes.

I could never get the lashes to get far enough back on my lash line to look "real".  Not only that, they are so straight that they poke out right in the middle of your eyelid; not the most natural look.

The second attempt was better, although not successful either.  I didn't have any mascara on, and this seemed to help.  They still, however, failed to stay back far enough on the real lash to look realistic.   

I really wanted these to work, but they totally failed.  Has anyone else had success with magnetic lashes?  Let me know!