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Lisa Gornall, our podcast about skincare featured pro

Lisa Gornall

Our Podcast About Skincare Guest

In this week’s episode of SKIN. BODY. SOUL, brought to you by NeurotriS, Barry chats with Lisa Gornall.

Lisa teaches meditation regularly at the Four Seasons Aviara and offers Private and Semi-Private Coaching, you can learn more about Lisa on her website.

As a Spiritual Medium, Healer and Coach, Lisa was born with abilities to become ONE with your energy. She intuitively empowers successful entrepreneurs to can reclaim your time, relationships, inner-game and energy so that you can live a fulfilling and balanced life. Work is your passion, but you are here to ENJOY a life outside of work.

Since 2002, Lisa has combined her intuitive abilities with coaching. We get to the root of those fears, family patterns, beliefs, energies and other life experiences that are misguiding you so you can move forward onto your best path.

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