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Well known in the travel wellness and beauty space, and founder and CEO of Satchelle Global Travel WellnessI create innovative programs for estheticians who are seeking new ways to generate more revenue from retail and service sales, boosting their profits and building their client loyalty for life.

I teach estheticians how to engage with traveling clients to satisfy their beauty and wellness needs, driven by the need to minimize the toll each and every trip takes on their beauty and wellness, which results in triple retail sales, and increased client retention.

With over 20 years as a busy travel industry executive, I became an expert in travel while pioneering a tighter integration with wellness and beauty.

Are you looking for measurable sales increases in a short period of time? Are you looking for new ways to boost your client experience, build your client database, and double your client retention?

If the answer is YES, you should participate in my programs:

Workshop 1 – Growing Your Business by Tapping Into YOUR Traveling Clients
  • Increasing your bottom line by 300%*
  • Increasing client retention by 100%*
  • How to identify frequent travelers in your client database
  • Where to find new clients
  • Deep dive into Travel Wellness
  • Characteristics of frequent travelers
  • Who travels during Covid and why
  • What healthy travelers need
  • Catering to travelers who will come back for more
  • The Before, During and After rules

*Please note results wary based on client engagement, involvement, accountability.

Workshop 2 – Growing Your Business by Tapping Into Traveling Groups and Corporations
  • Growing sales with traveling groups
  • Growing sales with Corporations
  • 10 key techniques to selling without selling
  • Travel industry stakeholders and how to build sales-driven relationships
  • Your NEW Marketing tool kit
  • Your NEW Sales tool kit
  • Scripts that sell
  • Tapping into the romance travel market
  • Deep dive into the Travel Industry
  • Team building activities for corporations
  • Increase sales on products by 300%*
  • Increase sales on services by 200%*
  • Implement totally new – mind blowing selling and marketing techniques
  • Create added value services
  • Build your client loyalty and advocacy for life
  • Develop an unshakable confidence all esthetician professionals need to “close the deal”
  • Provide your existing clients with new, unforgettable experiences
  • Help your clients to solve their travel-related beauty issues for good
  • Learn a massive amount of new tactics that will WOW your clients and boost your profits
  • Grow your brand recognition
  • Feature your brand on finelle.com (website dedicated to thousands of busy travelers seeking spa salons, beauty products, and services)
  • Feature your brand across Finelle social media platforms

*Please note results wary based on client engagement, involvement, accountability.

I’m also certified in Oncology Aesthetics by Morag Currin, which means I can support estheticians whose clients are cancer survivors.

 I’ve been a frequent guest speaker and educator at the most prestigious beauty and travel industry events including IECSC, featured by the Spa Industry Association, frequent podcast speaker including HotelHunttv.com, which is featured on Amazon prime and many more.

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