Stay Visually Connected: 2 New IG Features

Looking to connect with your clients on a completely different level?  Move over boring instant comes a much more interactive experience.  VIDEOS.


Instagram TV (IGTV) is the YouTube for Instagram.  It allows you to record longer videos (15 seconds to 10 minutes for most accounts, up to 1 hour for some larger accounts) in vertical format to connect naturally with your fans, followers and clients.

The videos are uploaded in a vertical-only format, meaning Instagram is trying to get users to create more unedited, natural and organic content from their phone that is not over-edited.  Just shoot and post...don't over think it.  

Of course, you can edit the video in iMovie (we ARE all using Apple products...right??) if you want to see a more polished version.

First things first.

You will need to download the IGTV app, set up your 'channel' first, then you can add content.  

 Download IGTV in the app store

Download IGTV in the app store

Do you have a new treatment you are offering?  Share a demo!  Do you have regular skincare tips that you want to share with your clients?  Record a short video explaining it and showing products that you recommend.

How to upload your video.

1.  Click on your profile picture on the main page within the IGTV app.

 Click on your avatar from the main page.

Click on your avatar from the main page.

2. Click on the + to add a video to your channel.


3. Select a pre-recorded vertical video from your cameral roll.

4. Write your title and add a short description, including keywords so people can find you on Instagram.

5. Select your cover photo and VIOLA!  You've just posted your first video to IGTV.

Now you can dive in and start sharing helpful and relevant video clips!

Instagram Video

Another BRAND NEW way to connect to your audience is through Instagram Video.  This feature is more personal, and allow you to directly connect and chat with others through the Direct Message section of the app.  

A few things:

  • You can only start an Instagram Video with someone you have interacted with on Direct Messages previously.  
  • You can chat with up to 4 people at a time.

How to get started.

1.  Click on the message icon (looks like a paper airplane).


2.  Click on the + icon to start a new message.


3.  Type in the name of the person you'd like to video chat with, then hit NEXT.

4.  Click the video icon and you will automatically call that person!


Such a fun way to stay connected!  Imagine the possibilities...consultations before a treatment? Product application guidelines?  One-on-one tutorials?  

Have fun staying VISUALLY connected!