The Spa That Set The Bar.

Having been in this industry for over 15 years, I have a fairly well rounded knowledge of the spa environment.  I've spent the better part of my days in the treatment room in the resort spa setting, spoiled by amenities such as steam rooms, saunas, relaxation lounges and expansive pools.  

So needless to say, I do have somewhat of an expectation and standard when I visit a day spa that states they are a Luxury Wellness Spa.

Welcome to Canyon Ranch.

Canyon Ranch is well known for their wellness resorts in Arizona and Lennox, MA, however, much to my surprise, they have a Spa + Fitness location in The Venetian in Las Vegas.  This 'smaller' version is 134,000 square feet and makes you forget you are in a casino.

Even their cafe was amazing...(and they still served wine...)

Your first stop is the desk near the Canyon Ranch Grill, the rock climbing wall, and one of two fitness centers.  You are directed to take a 2-minute walk to the spa check in desk, which leads you down a corridor of colorful walls and gorgeous artwork.  Alas, you are at the doorway to a life changing experience.


A Professional Experience.


Each and every employee from the concierge to the spa attendant was attentive, professional and extremely helpful.  After checking in for your treatments, they provided a tour of the pre-treatment amenities which included the steam room, sauna, whirlpool, Igloo, and aromatherapy room.

After experiencing Cryotherapy, I thought the Igloo experience would be nothing...much to my surprise, it was not only chilly temperatures, but it also showered you with icy water.  Not such a fan after emerging from the zen-like aromatherapy room. 

 The Igloo experience

The Igloo experience

 The aromatherapy room

The aromatherapy room

Time for Treatments.

We waited for our treatments in the lounge area where a devoted spa attendant personally checked you in for your treatment and located your therapist. You are then greeted at the doorway of another expansive hallway and whisked away to your treatment room.

The therapists were all busy making small talk with clients as they made their way past over 50 treatment rooms and 100 other co-workers.  Yes, this is by far the largest spa I have ever seen.

Attention to Detail.

Want to ensure you 'wow' your clients?  Pay attention.  My therapist noted details of who I was sitting with, what I was in town for and what my plans were for the day.  She took that into consideration when offering upgrades to my treatment (all of which I accepted).  

Once the treatment was over and my feet were freed from their hot towel wipe down, I was pleasantly surprised to find my robe had been warmed for me; what an amazing finishing touch.

Round Two of Amenities.

Just when you think a sauna, steam room, aromatherapy room, whirlpool and igloo are enough, you emerge from your treatment room to an entirely new relaxation area.  

You have even more options in this room: salt grotto, oversized couches and lounge chairs, and this amazing room that projected water on the ceiling and had rainforest music piping in.  I swear, you were totally in a trance.

A Transformed Woman.

After spending the morning in this amazing environment, if left me thinking about smaller locations and how they can recreate this experience.  Yes, there was a hefty budget put into this location.  But it is possible to provide the same experience to your clients.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Ensure their experience is seamless. Provide a tour (no matter what the size of you spa), guide them to where they need to be next, and provide a completely personalized experience.
  • Don't neglect to note details of their visit.  Listen. Take notes. Incorporate this into their experience.
  • Offer something unique.  Maybe you can't afford a salt grotto, but maybe you CAN afford a few salt lamps throughout your space.  These can completely change the energy in the room.
  • Make your space inviting.  Their treatment doesn't have to end immediately after their service is over.  Create a space where they can unwind and have a cup of tea or a snack before heading back to reality.