7 Questions to ask yourself before launching a paid social media campaign.

It can be intimidating and overwhelming.  You know you need to gain more exposure on social media, but how?  Before you dive in to a paid campaign, here are a few questions to consider while creating a successful strategy.


What are your goals?

Set clear objectives and attainable goals such as increasing site traffic, gaining new followers, or generating engagement surrounding a new product launch.

Who is your target audience?

Organic reach is dead.  With the constant change in algorithms on social media, there is less room for your content to be seen.  Be sure your audience uses the platform that you're going run your campaign on. HINT: most skincare-focused clients are not on Snapchat.

How does social media fit into your overall strategy?

If your business or brand is just getting started on building its presence, ensure you've posted solid content for fans and followers to link back to once they've been exposed to you.  It is important for your audience to be directed to a place where they can learn more, see demonstrations, read customer reviews, etc.  

What is your competition doing?

Do your research.  See where they are successful with engagement.  See what content is resonating with their audience.  View what hashtags they are utilizing.  Learn what is working...and what isn't.

what resonates with your customers?

Test. Test. Test.  Before launching any campaign, see what your target audience responds to.  Do they like videos and demonstrations?  Do they prefer detailed product knowledge? Measure the response you receive from various creative assets, and go with what generates the most engagement.

How can you optimize the campaign once it is launched?

Stay involved!  Respond to comments from your audience, support their "shares" and mentions, and most importantly, keep the dialogue open so you can make adjustments as the campaign continues to run.

What did you learn?

Analyze what worked (and why) and consider what you can do differently in your next campaign. There is always something to walk away with for the next campaign!

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