3 Reasons You Need A Quarterly Marketing Calendar

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Do you find yourself scrambling for new and creative ideas to drive traffic to your spa?  Do you feel like you are spending hours putting together promotions that aren’t paying off? Frustrated and looking for a help so you can earn the money that you need to pay your bills?

There is way out of this rut, and it only takes a few hours every three months.  

We know, we know, “...but I don’t have an extra spare minute!”  If you can commit to putting aside a just 2 hours just 4 times a year to planning out your marketing calendar, we guarantee you will get yourself out of this frustrating rut you find yourself in month after month.

A little pre-planning is the first step.

3 Reasons You Need

a Quarterly Marketing Calendar


It’s Your Road Map

By mapping out one quarter at a time, it forces you to look at the bigger picture.  Often, we get so stuck in the now that we may overlook the end goal.  Breaking the year down into more manageable time frames will allow you to keep a blueprint of the messaging you will use, and what you will need to support that message.

You calendar should include all relevant items to your business:

  • Events

  • Social Media Campaigns / Posts

  • Signage / Displays

  • Blog Articles

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Advertising Campaigns


It’s Effective For Planning

A quarterly marketing calendar is more than just a promotional calendar.  It serves as a operations management tool as well.  It can help you:

  1. Plan your staffing needs

  2. Plan your inventory needs

  3. Manage your cash flow

  4. Prevent last minute deep discount promotions

  5. Allow your team to visualize a plan

Once you are aware of special events and promotions, you can adequately prepare and ensure your staff and/or vendors are all on board, avoiding unnecessary last-minute costs.  Plus, pre-planning can provide a way to excite your staff and your customers, and keep them tuned in for more information.

You don’t have a team, and are a solo operator?  You can use this tool to leverage quarterly specials from your vendors.  For example, if your most profitable skincare line is having a special on hydrating serums during the month of March, you are able to effectively work this into your own marketing calendar, taking some of the creative brainstorming off your plate.


It Helps to Keep Your Content Relevant

Would you focus on clay masks in January or SPFs in November?  The answer is most likely no.  By creating a quarterly marketing calendar, you are staying relevant to seasonal and holiday needs.  Do you see higher retail sales for a specific product category at the same time every year?  Devote a month to promoting it and educating them about the benefits, and you’ll watch your profits increase, just by bringing awareness to a specific category.

Looking for a customized solution? 

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