Are Influencers Worth It For Your Brand?

If you would have mentioned the word influencer 5 years ago, would you even know what it meant?  

Over the past few years, the rise of Social Media Influencers has skyrocketed.  Have you ever heard of Huda Beauty? She took her status, got herself ranked on the Forbes Top 10 list of Influencers, and now has a beauty empire.  And it all started out with a little YouTube review of a beauty product.

So, you may ask yourself, “Is Working with Influencers Worth It?”  Here are the Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Committing to an Influencer Advertising/Marketing Campaign to advance the digital reach of your brand.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

 Influencers can provide new branding and a fresh approach to presenting your products.

Influencers can provide new branding and a fresh approach to presenting your products.

Do I need a fresh approach to my marketing strategy?

Have you been so wrapped up in the science behind your brand or the patented ingredients in your products that you forget how to connect to your audience on a day-to-day basis?  Influencers can can provide a fresh perspective on how you present your brand and bring new ideas to the table to help you frame your company in a completely new wa

How do I choose an influencer?

Don’t just look at the follower count for influencers; look at their engagement.  Are fans commenting and asking questions on their posts?  It is great if someone has tens of thousands of followers, but if the audience is not engaged with their content, your product won’t stand out.   

Are they experts in my industry?

Sure, a very pretty girl with flawless skin will look great holding your product and talking about its amazing benefits, but does she know how your product is working or what it can can’t be used with?  Stick to influencers that know the industry you are in; they will not only maintain your brand reputation, they will be able to connect you to the right audience.

Will they provide an authentic voice for my brand?

Would you be more apt to purchase a product that your friend recommended to you or that you saw randomly in your Instagram feed?  Influencers build a trusting relationship with their followers and become a go-to source for advice.  A quality  influencer will not collaborate with a brand they do not stand behind; this creates an authentic voice and experience.  Look for Influencers that have a relatable personality and can represent your brand in the most authentic way possible.  

How do I know if an Influencer campaign was successful?

There are several metrics that can be used to measure the success of a campaign.  After determining your goals (build your email list, send visitors to your website, build general brand awareness, etc), you can ask the influencer to provide specific results from their content.  This is done with their Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and any specific, custom links you may provide to them

We’ve included a great infographic from that recaps what other marketing experts are saying about Influencer Campaigns. If you are looking to connect with Lipgloss + Aftershave and learn more about our influencer packages, contact us!

 Source: Womens Marketing 

Source: Womens Marketing