5 Tips for Brands to Stay Relevant on Facebook

Yesterday, Facebook made the announcement that it would (once again) be rolling out a new method for delivering your “news”.  Amid much frustration by users that they were being bombarded with paid ads and irrelevant information, Facebook appears to want to bring back the original intent of the platform: staying connected to those you care about and the organic content that you want to see.

What does that mean?  You will soon start to see posts from friends and family before you see anything from media, publishers, or brands.  “Great News!” you think to yourself as a user...but if you are a business owner that utilizes this platform to communicate with your core audience and potential customers, what does this mean for you?  Will your organic content get lost in the mix? How can you adjust your strategy to stay relevant?

5 Tips for Brands to Stay Relevant on Facebook

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1. Encourage Conversation.  

Gone are the days of “Tag three friends to win!” or “Vote on Your Favorite Thing!”. Facebook has noted this trend, and now considers it “engagement bait”.  Similar to click-bait, (using a catchy title to get people to click on your post that ultimately leads to something so off subject from what they were hoping for), this was being used to “show” Facebook that people were engaged with your brand.  

Instead, hone in on your audience, pay attention to their conversations, and encourage them to have authentic interactions with your brand.  Take the time to write informative blogs that initiate conversation.  Seek out and share industry articles and news that is worthy and relevant to your audience.  Yes, this is a time consuming task, but it all part of a successful strategy to stay in front of your audience as an industry leader.   

2. Consider Groups.  

Within most industries, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of niche groups that are full of like-minded members.  This is where you are going to have active members that are monitoring the conversations on a regular basis.  Ensuring you are abiding by individual group rules, take part in these discussions consistently!  Bring your education, experience, and advice to the table.  It will be received well when used as a method to help the group members, not sell to them, and your brand still stays relevant.  

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3. Create Strategic Ads.  

Are you using the Ads Manager Platform?  While it can seem quite overwhelming at first, this is your key tool to creating very specific audiences and unique variations of your ads.  It is a more robust platform than simply boosting a post, and allows you to create variations of ads to perform testing with.  

These suggestions are great for working inside the Facebook platform, but we must all remember what came before social media: email marketing.  This “old school” method of reaching your customers must not be neglected!  This is your core audience that has a connection to your brand; nurture it and continue to build it.

It is critical to utilize the Ads Manager over simply boosting a post.  It creates a more custom ad, more custom audience, and a more custom reporting system.    

4. Click 'See First'.  

Ask your customers to select 'See First' from your company page on to continue seeing information first. This will help keep your page relevant in their news feed, so that the organic content you curate for your page is seen.  

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5. Hire Consultants.  

Your focus is your brand. You are your brand. Let experienced professionals take the burden of content creation and promotion off your plate.  Lipgloss + Aftershave can help you create meaningful interactions with your customers, consumers, and potential partnerships.  We have vast experience with brands across the skincare industry; crafting messages that will ensure your customer base remains engaged with your content and ensuring that message is delivered to the appropriate audience.  Our knowledge of the Facebook Advertising Manager platform is robust and will provide a strategic method for your paid posts.

Contact us today to set up a free brand consultation!