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It’s important to not only stay informed about all the changes that are happening each and every day, but to create a balance with things that promote some type of normalcy as well.

Here is some new content from ASCP and AHP, as well as COVID-19-specific content. 

Coronavirus and Your Practice

After speaking to many estheticians, along with the urging of numerous local and state governments, ASCP strongly suggests that you close your doors in order to protect the community you serve. It is not easy to make this recommendation, especially after hearing many concerns about the possible financial hardship that would greatly affect thousands of practitioners and businesses. ASCP recommends that you bookmark this page to stay informed on how COVID-19 may affect your skin care business and what you can do to be proactive. Here you will find COVID-19 resources, business preservation tips, client engagement ideas, and self-care activities, as well as the latest announcements from ASCP.


Let’s Talk eCommerce

In this video provided by Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP), learn how e-commerce can be one of the best ways to make passive income, especially with so many spas and salons having closed their doors due to COVID-19. Learn what tools you need to start the process, best hosting sites, how to print labels and ship packages, and more.


AHP Beauty Sense article: What’s Wrong with Buying Hair Products from the Grocery Store?

Enhance your reputation as a hair professional by sharing this beautifully designed digital magazine with your clients (for free!). AHP Beauty Sense features advice written by licensed hairstylists and barbers, sharing all the things you wish every client knew. During this time of social distancing, your clients may start getting antsy for their hair care products and may even be tempted to start perusing the beauty aisles at their local grocery store… Share this article where real professional stylists answer the question: “What’s wrong with buying hair products from the grocery store, if they’re the same brand my salon uses?”


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