Add Some Heaven To Your Treatments

If you want to add a touch of heaven to your treatments, take note of Heavenly Lines by Jolis.  They offer thermal heat and cold facial wraps for use on your clients. They are beautiful.  Jenni loves the custom Lipgloss + Aftershave wraps that Heavenly Linens by Jolis made for us!  

“Hand Crafted Custom Ordered to your Colors”.  The color selection is limited, but every attempt will be made to provide your custom color.  The wraps are made with different textures on each side. They are made from 100% soft fleece and 100% terry cloth.  The terry cloth side is used to remove products. They hold heat beautifully and add an element of comfort and grounding during your facial treatments.

See Heavenly Linens by Jolis In Use

If you perform advanced treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion or microneedling, you can wet the wraps and you can use them to cool down the skin post treatment.  Simply, wet them and refrigerate for 30 minutes or place them in a freezer for 5-10 minutes until cold.

The Heavenly Linens Set
You get 4 pieces which includes 2 facial wraps and 2 décolletés…all for ONLY $38.00/set. Shipping and handling is extra and Heavenly Linens by Jolis requests up 3 – 4 weeks to fulfill orders. The wraps are custom, hand made, therefore design and production can take up to 3 – 4 weeks until you receive your order.

Facial Pads
Heavenly Lines by Jolis also offers facial pads that are great for cleansing the skin, for taking make-up off, and for removing masks from the face. Buy a dozen, reusable pads for just $15 (plus shipping and handling) a set. This will help you save money on disposable pads and is better for the environment.

Hand Mitts
If you offer hand treatments you can add the Heavenly Linens by Jolis Mitts into your treatments, they are $15.00 plus shipping and handling.  

New Product Launches for 2019
Heavenly Linens by Jolis is launching a whole new assortment of products in 2019!  They will be offering terry cloth, velcro, no slip headwraps which will be available in a set of 3 for $27 for the basic white.  You can customize a color for an additional $3 per set.

Finally they will be offering their set of 3 headbands for $18 and set of foot wraps for $16.

ANY of the Heavenly Linens by Jolis  products can be embroidered for fifty cents per letter.

Care Instructions
Wash all of your Heavenly Linens by Jolis when you receive them. It is important to note that it may take a bit longer than typical towels to dry because they are thermal, and it may also depend on your dryer and how slow or fast your dry heats and dries.

Businesses Using Heavenly Linens

 Circadia is a skincare brand that has been ordering custom made facial wraps for their worldwide business for the past two years. These wraps can now be purchased on their website at www.circadia.com.

 Zen Miller is a professional who uses these wraps for training in wholistic treatments all across the nation. She produces videos demonstrating her treatments. These videos can be viewed on her Facebook page at The Zen Lounge & Institute for Higher Learning.

 Terry Crumpton McConnell has produced several videos showing how to use the wraps, and has posted the videos on her Facebook business page at the Educational Esthetician Forum

Rachel Tolze, owner of a skincare company, has promoted her own products in conjunction with our custom head bands. She has produced videos featuring the head bands that can be viewed on her Facebook page at ModVellum Clinical.

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