L+A Now How The Technology Of MYSKINBUDDY Improves Skin

MYSKINBUDDY is a cult favorite of so many skin care professionals.  BECAUSE IT WORKS! 



Providing skin care treatments can bring good results for clients. But now you want to improve those overall results and take your treatments up a notch.  You can also improve the results of your clients’ home care!  

If you’re asking how, it’s simple. The Ionic Technology and Thermal Heat Therapy in MYSKINBUDDY. These two scientific modalities combine with ultrasonic vibration to create an environment on the skin that boosts treatment and home care efficacy.

Ionic technology works to pull impurities during a cleansing step. The Thermal Heat Therapy and Ultrasonic Vibration improve this cleansing step by working to liquify and and dislodge sebum, dirt and debris. This provides a deeper clean which allows the skin to function at optimal levels.

Ionic technology works to improve product penetration during application of water-based serums. The Thermal Heat Therapy and Ultrasonic Vibration improve product penetration by improving blood  which facilitates diffusion of nutrients in the capillaries. This improves product penetration of active ingredients through the stratum corneum to the dermis where it can reach living tissue and be much more effective. 

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